Jay Cutler traded for Donovan McNabb?

by MLChen

Question by Kevo D: Jay Cutler traded for Donovan McNabb?
I just the thought of this idea lolol

I mean like, Donovan wants a contract extension this year and Jay Cutler wants to get traded. I think if Philly doesn’t re-shape his contract, Donovan wouldn’t mind a trade then. And hey? Dawkins is in Denver too. With the defense fixes they’re making there, it wont be such a bad team probably and Donovan might like it. I know Mcnabb and the Reid duo is one of the current greatest known faces in the buisness today, both good & bad. But look, Dawkins was also the face of the Eagles franchise and look how quickly he made it into free agency — and signed a contract.

Cutler wouldn’t do so bad in a Philly offense too, I think he fits quite well. McNabb wouldn’t do so bad in a Denver offense too, great weapons and possibly a star wide receiver there too for McNabb down the road. By the way, Denver could have a good chance signing Marvin to “seduce” a Donovan Trade(Tho, denver doesnt need much fixing in the wide receiver pact). I’m not exactly sure if I’m for this or not, as I tend to enjoy stable-long time franchises like the Eagles…

but your thoughts?

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Answer by Raider Hater– Trolls DE#90
Eh… maybe. But I doubt it.

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From a Denver fan i can live with having McNabb, we will would some years at QB getting him but at least we would have a good QB that wants to win and know how to win.

You propose an interesting suggestion but somehow I doubt it would take place!

Go chargers!


The Broncos wouldn’t make that trade in a million years…

Uh, two years the Eagles paid big bucks to a QB in the draft. Why would they want another young QB who’ll want big bucks when his contract expires?

Not likely.

It could work and be benifical to Philly…I mean McNabb could help Denver but it wouldnt be in their best interest…I think they are trying to rebuild and stay competitive but McNabb is on the end side of his career and Cutler the up.

Cutler for Mcnabb and a first and a third draft pick maybe but not straight swap.

Well, Denver has a great receiver (forgot his name) and Donovan’s old teammate…

Philly hasn’t learned to accept Donovan…

You, sir, are a genius.

Carson Palmer also has 1 year left on his contract Palmer is sick of Ocho Cinco running the team. Lets send Cutler to the Bungals for all of his complaining and acting like a crybaby. Cutler will grow so tired of Chad Johnson’s attitude he will want to go back to Denver. In return the Broncos get Carson Palmer. McNabb for Cutler involves to much details and I don’t see it happening in the long run. I think my suggestion is not only better it’s also more entertaining LOL!

i doubt that. eagles lost their defensive leader..dont wanna lose mcnabb now, or theyd be REALLY DUMB. i dont think mcnabb would mind being there because denver has some weapons at that WR spot.

um not gonna happen

Your optimism is quite enticing, but there is a flaw with your theory… Eagles’ fans. While they may welcome the idea initially, you have to realize the first five interception game Cutler has (and he will have them… He’s a gun-slinger!), Eagles’ fans will have him for lunch! Now, with the way Cutler has reacted to McDaniel’s actions, how do you think he would take a entire stadium full of pissed off Eagles’ fans calling for his neck? The simple fact that Cutler is an over-emotional player will not boad well for a guy intent on being the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. You need to have a mentally tough mindset and a short memory to play quarterback or coach that team.

i think the broncos might trade cutler for a GOOD QB not a piece of trash.


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