Jesse McCartney (feat. T-Pain)- Body Language Lyrics

Thankss So Much For Oveer A Million Vieews ! :D♥ No copyright infringement intended

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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awesome song!!

awesome vid…bt itz spelled guadalupe

otha den dt love it(:

love the song. annnd just sayin but u spelled japanese wrong lol =P

i love you jesse!!! cutie!

ive seen this same comment awn aboot 40 othah videos.
so really youre not cool.
and saying that in thah foist place is stewpod.

@ashiq246 here in your arms by hellogoodbye (:

ooh that bodys like music to my ears ♥

what is the song at the end?

haha , i love this songg !
but what happened to the innocent jesse mccartney ?
hahahaa !
i love the new hum thooo .

@tashi888ily *thumbs up* except the jesse part 😉

@tashi888ily *thumbs up* except the jesse 😉

@tashi888ily *like* except the jesse part ;D

my cousin is so awsome


I love this song soo much.!!:) Jesse is soo hot.!!:)

omg this song is awesome, they sound good together!

i <3 <3 <3 THIS SONG! 🙂

thank for downloadin , i love this song

i love dis song jesse is mad cute & tpain is beast

i assaulted the replay button.
thumbs up if you did too!

@HeartlandRocks543417 Its Here (in your arms) by hellogoodbye

@HeartlandRocks543417 Its (Here in your arms) by hellogoodbye

Is there people talking in the video?
But otherwise great video!



@H0pSc i agree…. electronic music doesent have anything mutual with nationality !

haha fukastic yeah

a btw ja tez moge z jakas sie pokopulowac przy takiej muzie hahahaha przy kazdej i tak jej nie slychac xd

Amazning kurwa track ! bede córke płodził przy tym tracku !

chill or rock? can’t decide … let’s just enjoy.

@SaintMeat the best music is beyond nationality….

I can never get enough of this.

Good song for cruising the streets of Lahore,

One of the best songs ever heard <3

@4juxtapose4 don’t even forget about paul kalkbrenner

check out my new DEEP HOUSE remix

Red Carpet – Alright (A+ Remix)

Enjoy! =)

Good shit. If you like this stuff you might like my stuff, check it out if you want to hear something new

Good shit. If you like this stuff you might like my stuff, check it out if you want to hear something new

@mrondorei too bad Romanian artists are not that known to the public. At least I dont know any. Im from Poland and for me German Electronic rulez. Kraftwerk?

@ SaintMeat Romania first then Germany…:) u have to agree with me buddy!

@SaintMeat and modeselektor for the win, and apparat, and ellen allien, and siriusmo, and sacha funke, and kiki …

Deutschland über alles!

n klassiker

Theme of my life

Minimal My Ass

Minimal My Ass

woooooaaaaa i just love this song…. awesome… xD

booka shade next weekend in our city in switzerland!!!!!! lets rave! 😀

@SaintMeat Hahaha you wish:P But it’s a good song, greets from Holland!

all tha times, when im high and listn to this song, are so fucking great!

soo good!!… maybe you also like the video “Promotion DJ Fabian Fakler” on youtube 🙂

@ichnamensdu same here bro

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