Know Your Size: Suits

A video guide on measuring suit size. You can view our full collection here:

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“hello, I’m looking for a navy suit for war”. Wow, this guy likes to be
smart in case of a conflict.

I think 98% of the views on this video are from ASMR watchers and the
remainder are people actually looking at how to measure for a suit!

+ASMR Angel Cant stop laughing at your comment, I bet TM Lewin never
thought they would have over half a million views lol

I’ve established a total of 7 establishes from this video. I’ve established
this by establishing a tally, then establishing how many establishes this
guy in the video established to acquire the required number of establishes.

I like the way he ninjas the jacket off the coat hanger

okay so this guy was really good, and very professional and is HOW this
process should be done. professionally.
his live mannequin, however was clearly not into it as much and didnt
appreciate the professionalism of the other guy. Its a shame that there
wasnt someone else to take this guys spot because at times i focused more
on how he wasnt taking it seriously.
I liked this ! lazy mannquin, professional guy, i learned some tings.

“At T.M. Lewin, we make sure all customers know who is in charge by
whipping them in the dick with our measuring tape” 0:25

What the fuck was that witchcraft at 0:45? One second the jacket is on the
hanger, then he whisks his hand and bam, it’s off.


When everthing is finished, the jacket looks a bit long? I don’t like it
when jackets fit that long. My T shirt right now ends halfway between the
tip of my thumb and where the hand meets the wrist, any longer than that,
say to the tip of my thumb, it would seem too long. 

very informative, i like it :-)… 

This guy is a 36 inch chest like me but he’s more normal sized. Maybe its
his shoulders? Sucks to be narrow…

Good video Sir, you guys are brothers right. 

Anyone got a date?

If I had a tenner every time I went into a suit outfitters and the
assistant incorrectly measured my chest and gave me a 40″ jacket only to
find out I couldn’t even get it on, well I’d have a lot more money. Simply
put, a chest measurement should be right into the arm pits and across the
nipples, why do they insist they know what they are doing, it makes me
laugh every time.

the presenters is not wearing a suit that fits well. Second, they used a
thin man to make the case. they should pick on a fatter or heavy chest man
to make the points as the camera is less flattering. thin guys look great
in suits.

“Sir”: 11x
“Establish”: 7x

I would buy many suits from this guy.

uhhgg… that pink shirt needs tailoring ASAP. baggy everywhere.

if this guy tried to sell me a broken pen for $100 i would probably buy it.

absolutely amazing

30 inch waist..sigh if only 🙂 That would be a great day if I fit in those!
Great video:)
I would wear a suit like that.

This guy says ‘establish’ seven times. 

Very useful information 

Never seen a dude wear a tie like that but he looks pretty badass

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