Krash – Nightwish – Master Passion Greed (Guitar Cover)

“Master Passion Greed” – By Nightwish, from the Album “Dark Passion Play.” Sorry for mistakes. Learned everything by ear. Add me on Myspace: Equipment: – Ibanez S Series (370) – Line 6 Spider III (75W)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Great song!

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@kimkikki The Ibanez neck (for at least the S series) Is pretty thin compared to the Les Paul. Personally, i’d prefer a Les Paul style neck in comparison to the S series thin neck, but everyone has their own preference, aye?

I believe the Wizard 2 is pretty similar to the other Ibanez guitars, probably the fretboard and those little things would be the difference. But yeah, im no expert with Ibanez guitars, but that’s all I know.

hi man!can i ask to you a question?i have to exchange my devlin guitar with these one,but i’am afraid due to the neck it slim,or is similar to a les paul size?
i know that is not a prestige model,but is a wizard it the same wizard 2 such as other ibanez guitars?sorry for the boring(and the language,i’m italian).thank you in advance 🙂

i like you Hair . 😀 (very good the music. )

dang, job


4:14 ~ 4:34 should be harmonics on D-6, and G-7. Simply playing the notes is incorrect.

But the rest of your cover, including the intro you were concerned with, seemed correct. Keep rockin’.

You learned it all by ear? You’re great!

dude great job! keep up the good work.. and that crunch is so good you can like taste it xD

Strong little finger. Nice.

where do you think people that make the GuitarPro tabs find the right notes?
There are some cases that the musician give the tabs or a special program find the notes…

you have a boring personality

That’s why you can rate them and give comments on ultimate-guitar.

I’ve never trusted tabs, just because anyone can put them on. I either learn music by ear or Staff.

u ever thought that possibly the person who made the guitar pro tabs also learned it by ear, and it happened to be the same (cos its that same song)

I know this kid personally, it’s done by ear.

good job! I love Nightwish

sounds good, i give it a 4, needs some more practice

Pretty good!
Loosen up though. You need to work on your stage presence.

So many people say, that they have learned it by ear, but he plays the same Tabs like on a Programm which is called GuitarPro…. *sigh*
well i dont know ^^

follow this instructions and u will get a better tone from the line6. turn the amp knob at insane red. then turn the drive knb full o’clock and then turn the eq knobs like this: bass: 7-8
mid: 5-6
treble: 7-8
then add some reverb and delay and u will get very good tone
hope it helped:) later..

You’re so stiff it bothers me

respect about learning by ear.

great that was well played ^^

great well played

wow. tune that thing please. not bad, but you explained errors in the description. keep playing.

true, honest and powerful. love it

This song hits me like a ton of bricks every fucking time i hear it

@kevinst17 thought so, but I wish there where more of you…

@jenesy2009 Thanks mate, i did a nonsense picture on purpose

i don’t have words to describe the song!

I like the no-nonsense picture, just good music..thanx!

sexiest song ever!!!

I think this song is OK.

For some reason it makes me laugh more than anything, especially the way she says stim-you-late 😀 My favourite bit is the last chorus ” electrify and ROOOOOOOOOOOOCK you?” is pretty humorous lol

It’s not as good as linkin park, nirvana or metallica though but still 4/5

Oh nobody loves you like the way I do
nobody wants you like the way I do
nobody needs you like the way I do
nobody aches just to hold you
Tell me does she love you like the way I love you ?

perfect song for me..

She’s so amazing…I adore her voice x

Such a powerful song!!

Melissa Etheridge is amazing . . . love this song, and I’m only 14.

immer wieder geil zu hören. Super stimme, super lied.
5 sterne

Like it very very much 🙂 Girl from Croatia…

love that song!

a great song goes along with what is in my mind. each of these sentences struggles me.

Fantastic!!!!!I cant belive how good voice!!!!!

Right on Kev Good Tunes Brother!

Reminds me of the very best partys i had in my life 🙂

she’s so incredible, such an expressive voice

@MrTnebwa Freddy Mercury?

@tonibulleti Wenn da alle so singen und klampfen können gern…

@kevinst17 awesome singer

@1beaunity1 she is awesome

Absolutely the best audio of this song here. Great song!

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