Language Patterns to Attract Women!! Ross Jeffries discusses using language patterns .

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@catfacefrog … sounds like hes evoking an emotion in you…

If you said any of that to a girl- especially the last 30 seconds or so, she would think you are the creepiest fucker alive.

Plus you look like a bridge troll.

dude stop saying does that make sense

Men using language patterns to create a feeling of attraction is fine, but this isn’t any of that. This is sheer idiocy. Anyone who uses the phrase “moist pink release” and then claims to be able to “pick up women” with their “saucy, saucy language” should be shot in the face. What an unprofessional man!

That is so true, you should tell that to every single woman that criticizes any material of the community.

I was being sarcastic, i agree with what you say. i dont agree with Jeffries attitude tho’…and attitude is closely linked to beliefs of course..

why? Compared to what is REALLY needed to be successful with women, these are mere parlor tricks. Yes it happens in natural language and yes language patterns ARE effective, but when you learn how the mind processes language patterns you can create your own with more success and a more widened range to work with and it will easier to think on your feet. When you have the right attitude then language patterns will flow naturally and more successfully. But its KEY to know what attitude that is

Why is it atrocious? Girls wear lipstick, makeup and skimpy clothing to make guys feel attracted to them, or at least boost their chances. Why shouldn’t guys use language patterns to create attraction?


Why do people hate on this guy so hard. He’s so great.

Debby lol

it isn’t only to get laid, but i understand what you are saying.

Love to know what the name of the seminar was…

lmao honestly, ross jeffries must reaaaaaally need these.

The mans a goblin.

“Oooh I wish this feeling would last…”

I just can’t be on his side on this one. “Get laid”……it makes the art of mind control and mind-direction utterly crude. I mean the content IS true and does work because its not a matter of it NOT working. Like saying GRAVITY doesn’t work. But to use it to get people laid is atrocious.

it does. when you want something you need to setup the “program” the mind is very malleable, if you don’t believe me, just see the ads that mcdonalds or a movie theatre puts out. you often find yourself hungry. now getting into colors and shapes, that’s another story

This awesome and I can testify to the effectiveness of personal trance words when used with patterns. Used this on an HB who initially was indifferent and went from idifference to total desire.

I love Speed Seduction and it makes me laugh when people try to say this stuff doesnt work. All I can say is those that say it doesnt work, couldnt use SS or were to inept to use the tools.

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