Learn How To Read Body Language

by amayzun

Learn How To Read Body Language

Body language and movement is understood as the non-verbal communication that individuals portray when they are talking or presenting to others. It is the process of expressing emotions, conveying attitudes, demonstrating personality traits and supporting our overall meaning through non-verbal means. You will find that each individual will use their body language to communicate with other people in their everyday lives.

There are many different non-verbal behaviors that vary across cultures, such as the thumbs up to signify “way to go” or “good job”. However, the different six primary emotions of happiness, surprise, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust are common throughout all cultures. You will find that these six come from our own instincts and can be taught to us, as they will naturally appear when we speak and communicate with others. When you have a conversation with another person you will have an expression coming from within you that will come from your sub consciousness. And, because this comes from the subconscious, it can tell others a great deal about how you are as a person.

Fear is a natural human emotion and serves a purpose related to our safety and security. But let us imagine a person who has witnessed a serious auto mobile accident, but rather than running to the aid of the injured; they run franticly in the opposite direction. This frantic running away is body expression that certainly infers some kind of fear. Specifically what that fears might be we cannot know without talking to the person. But it is obvious that the fear has nothing to do with immediate safety. Through this example you should be able to see how we can read another’s personality through the lens of his body language.

You can try an experiment of your own at home. When you speak to someone, you should look at what their body is communicating to you as well. Whilst talking with someone, observe their body language as they talk. After a few moments observation, you should close your eyes and continual listening to them. When you do this, you will not be able to see their hands moving, facial expressions, or other bodily movements. You will, though, realise how much information is not available to you because you have your eyes closed. You will find that thus process will become even more difficult to read and understand without actually seeing an individual’s expressions that go with their vocal speech.

One concrete way to learn how to read someone’s body language is to observe them and get to know how they act. You should remember that all individuals have six common types of instinctual body language. But, these do vary in degree of expression. There are non-verbal communications which will also be common among certain cultures, societies and families. Due to this, two different people can have very similar behaviors which will be expressed through similar types of body language. If you know your own body language, then you will find it easier to read similar ones in others, and therefore will provide you with an insight into another people’s personalities.

As you learn your own body language try to relate those behaviors to your subconscious thinking. Try to regulate or over analyze your subconscious thought though. The only goal here is to match those thoughts with the body language you use to express those thoughts. This not about judging yourself, but it’s about learning to read your body language so you can read the body language of others. You can use this information to improve your understanding of the many different interactions you will become involved with.

Once you recognize some of your own body language movements and what they mean, you will be able to begin to read other people with more accuracy. When you are having a conversation with someone, you will be able to identify different things such as mixed messages. These mixed messages will be identified when an individual says one thing, yet their body communications something else.

A good example is when someone lies to you. They tell you, “I didn’t do it!”, but the tone of voice, the looking away, and the slight nervousness lets you know that something is not quite right in what they are telling you. This conflict between verbal language and body language could signal deception. Mixed messages are most certainly related to insincerity and point to that person as having something to hide.

Ruth is a body language specialist who is aware of how to read someones body language and see if their body is saying something different when they are in a conversation. She also teaches others to learn how to read a person’s body language when they are having a discussion with someone.

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