Let the Music Do the Talking

In today’s culture, sex sells. The media uses the sexual nature of the human being to subliminally, but most often blatantly, seduce society into buying into a certain product, service, or just to get someone to like them. In the dating world, that is obvious.

America’s youth likes to use the media to attract attention and share experiences with one another, most often (excluding social media websites) with music. However, that is where the problem comes from.

Can you remember what song was playing when you and your significant other first kissed? Was it a song about pick-up trucks and red Solo cups? Was it a song that describes the following subjects: money, drugs, the female anatomy, shoes, etc.? Was it a song that inspired the latest South Korean dance craze? Or was it a about a quest by ship to a mystical mountain where angels arrive by starship to protest war?

I any of these apply, you have been romancing to the wrong music. Popular music lacks enough songs about true love. Most of the “love” songs are about break-ups, parties, and, of course, sex. Those are not love songs. I miss the days when you could turn on the radio, turn to your beloved, and sing along to the lyrics because they fittingly expressed how you really feel about each other instead of signing about a great party. To truly romance someone with music, one must find a song to truly romance to with lyrics that mean something down to their very core. Being a fan of various genres of music, and a bit of a romantic myself, I may be able to help you find the perfect playlist:


For Rock n’ Roll Couples:


For Oldies Loving Couples:


For Pop Couples:


For Country Couples:


For Party Couples:


For “Hipster” Couples (you know who you are):

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