Long Hair For Men Styles?

Question by HelpPlease: Long Hair For Men Styles?
I have long brown hair. The bangs can go past my mouth, the back goes to my shoulders. I would like to style my hair in some way since basically, I have just been letting it grow. I have no problem cutting it, dying it, etc. [of course I’d still like it to be a “long” hair style”] I guess some things I can add is that people tend to comment on my eyes a lot so something that can bring my eyes out could work.

Anything would help, since I would like to get it styled by today or tomorrow
Thanks a lot :3!

Thanks so far for the response :]

Honestly I do not care if or if it isn’t in style. Everyone I know likes it, including my gf. I just wanted to change it up a bit.

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Answer by tweety
im not trying to be mean but long hair for guys is not in style an more

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sorry, i dont have a style for you, but i think long hair is hot!

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