Lucinda Williams – Righteously (live 2007)

Die Kantine – Koln, Germany November 12, 2007

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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@lapuasocom I was thinking the same thing watching this video…sorta was a turnoff for me to watch a live performance.

That ‘Guy” is Doug Pettibone! and he is the ONLY one to see play with Lucinda Williams! Not that those other guys aren’t good…they just don’t hold a candle to him…and the chemistry he has with her. The are electricity personified together!!
Thank you for the gorgeous film!!! xo

click subscribe. i need u. im n nashville!

@lapuasocom so,you’re saying that singers never forget the words to their own songs?? I find that hard to believe..

One of my faves from Lucinda! Thanks for the video! Reminds me so much of Marianne Faithfull…

One of my faves from Lucinda! Thanks for the video!

Who was the third girl on the left in the second window with the silver tooth on the right canine?

It never fails that the most inspired song writers attract the best musicians to their group. Ms. Williams’ band is brilliant and flawless.

I dug up an email from Doug (Pettibone) from 12/2007 and he said it’s a Trussart.

@Rckrgrl73 tell it

Simon Cowell, where are you? This is a joke right?

Pay attention boys to this song and you will learn.

I Am A Lover Of All Lucindas Music, As Far As A Favorite…Depends On My Mood!! Essence, Come On, Changed The Locks, Honey Bee, Still I Long For Your Kiss, Are You Alright? I Lost It, Jackson, Concrete And Barbed Wire, Jailhouse Tears, Price To Pay, Unsuffer Me, Learning How To Live………………………How Can You Pick Just One???

Lucinda is great, great song. but how can you not know the words to your owns songs.??????Hmmmmmm

is she okay?

full of shit.

What a great song…can inspire any girl no matter what genre of music she likes. My father introduced this song to my sister, a musician, and me, a lover of music. To this day my sister and I will always remember that day. We fell in love with this song.

@thekg James Trussart custom. The hollow body is completely made of steel

what kind of guitar is the silver one the guy on the right is playing?

I just read the other comments and I love our descriptions of Lucinda for this song – dirty, nasty, sultry.

Ohh one hot mama and some deep nasty guitar riffs I love it!

Everyone has an opinion, so everyone relax, YouTube is not the place to take out your aggressions.

i disagree with everyone’s comment….this band is so flat ,and has no energy,they look tired and bored….awful performance by the whole band although i like lucinda as a singer from her cd’s…..have seen several -u-tubes of the band and they are pathetic….ms.williams skip the live performances… guys are bad performers..

man, her voice is sooooo so sultry. A great talent. The band rocks too, of course.

great video thanxs for posting it!!


bulldozers and dirt

noone does it like patterson and the boys

..great stuff……..

Hell yeah buddy, great job Wilson.

southern pride is the shit man

great fuckin video…i chew southern pride to this shit every day…great fuckin shit

props to 0:09

They played it on The Dirt Underneath tour. They opened with it in Birmingham, and it was awesome.

You got it right bud, this is their best stuff!

i like D7E catipillar’s

Great job loved it.


love the DBTruckers & the southern thang. Redclays of alabama. Makes me think of RollTide. then Bam! right there Copley Square Cops, Boston, Mass!
Wicked good! Video Keep Making ’em!!!!!

Ive loved this song since I first heard it on Pizza Deliverance years ago… it’s a shame, I haven’t heard the band play it in years.

nice job


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