Man Must Die – Kill It, Skin It, Wear It [Lyrics Video]

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Taco-Man Plays - Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (3DO)


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When I first saw the song title, I was like “This is totally about Ed Gein,
isn’t it?” So I clicked on the video and read the lyrics and thought “Great
sound and everything, but is this a protest against animal genocide?” It
totally is lol

Great lyrics video, you got some parts wrong though. Near the end when it
read “Were fucking murder for profit” the lyrics are actually “It’s fucking
murder for profit.”

2:04 :3

So, like the song, but what, are they against hunting or something?

2:02, is that The Absence?:D

1:49 – 2:54 is fucking epic!

No problem, Dude !


Amazing song…FUCKING awesome lyrics

I love that there’s a song bashing a barbaric tradition that needs to stop.
You lose your humanity if you do what’s described in the song.

It could be the worst game ever.

He really does look like a banana though. x3

“Yes, the videogame nerd already played this game, but that doesn’t mean I
can’t do it too”

He has a point, just cuz AVGN reviewed it already doesn’t mean he can’t,
there’s no copyright that says otherwise, besides, many other people may
want to review it as well.

4:35 I cant believe these people talking. they sound like they’re 12 LOL.
WHAT WERE THEY THINKING when they made this!??

it’s like so kind of western visual novel…but shitty 

And taco man at the start you scar me 

You know I actually have watched this video before the AVGN one. But when I
have watched the video from AVGN, I actually find it better then this one.
But, when I have watched this again, it is actually different to the AVGN
one because there are some scenes that are a little different from the AVGN
video.. Like the first story had a bit of different lines, Jane says “Yes?”
to Thresher but in the AVGN video, I did not hear her say yes in it, they
showed a censored face at Jane’s Sexy body which they did not even showed
it in the AVGN version & there were no Narrators. What happened to the
narrators? Did you put a code on the Narrators too? +, the boss is named
Mark? I thought his name was Thresher. Now I can’t tell which video is

god damit would the angry nerd shut the fuck up ur right angry taco man
closing the window that that hard i still watched entire vid cuz i saw a
few of ur episodes and liked them so i been watchin occasionly


0:06 made me ROFL


Does it matter who played plumbers don’t where ties

The annoying viewer represents all the dislikers of each ebolaworld video.

why does everyone fight the nerd

I’ve got an idea for an episode of tmtgm: taco man has to fight off bubsy
when he works with the guy who tried to sue video game makers

I like avgn

I meant the room of video games this was on I pad

0:05 Startled me!

That’s always a good sign if the sheet in the background is not even
ironed. Also, the overused “Papyrus” font for the title screen. Jeez..

Indeed; this is the most infuriating bullshit false advertising in video
game history seince seince some fake magazene gave Bubsy 3D the Gold X

What kind of game is that!

This is the worst game ever on the 3do witch is weird

who much does the 3do pay 300$

8:04 Yeah when the title used to be on the top of the video Good times Good

I don’t get the ror

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