man who wears panties?

man wear
by robjstanley

Question by jerry: man who wears panties?
im a straight guy and a few years ago i got curious about what womens underwear felt like to wear. i found that certain kinds are actually very comfortable. since then i have been wearing womens panties off and on. i almost never wear them outside of my house because i know people would probably think i was strange. i just want to know what people, especially ladies, would think/do if they found out someone they knew did this. also if you or someone you know has done this i could use some advice on the subject. thanks

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Answer by Evening all.
I would think you are not as straight as you say you are.

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i’d giggle then most probably go into acceptance cause whatever tickles your pickle right? 😀
although if you were a friend of mine i would probably giggle and take the micky too

1 how is that comfortable and 2 If you were my friend I would keep your secret but beg you to stop wearing them because if someone else finds out they will most likely tell everyone they know and you know and embarrass you.

i would wear panties ^///^ they seem comfy and im gay but it has nothing to do with that:P

I’m sure that some people will call you gay or whatever, but your underwear doesn’t determine what gender or sex you’re most attracted to. I, as a woman, honestly wouldn’t care. I mean whatever makes you happy, right? 😀

Jerry if you want an honest answer you would have a better chance asking this in the straight section and find out what straight women think about this because most of the gay guys don’t see anything wrong with this and usually aren’t surprised to take off a guys jeans to find a pair of pretty panties and the lesbians probably think you’re…well you don’t really want to know what the lesbians think about men who wear panties. I can tell you that straight men who wear panties is much more common than you’d think.

Loads of straight men do this and there are loads of women who are into their men doing that sort of thing. Though, you probably shouldn’t go around telling your friends. However if you’re in a relationship you might try bringing it up to your gf and seeing if she might be interested in it as well. Or if you’re with happy the way things are you can always keep it your dirty little secret.

First lots of men wear panties, and it would really surprise you just how many men wear panties, and most men wearing panties are straight just like you are. Most men started out wearing panties just as you did they were curious about them, once they started wearing them they realized just how great they felt, and how comfortable they were to wear. Some men only wear for a short time, only for pleasure, and others wear for a combination of the pleasureful feeling but also because they are comfortable. Lots of men only wear at home and do not wear out in public in case someone would notice they are wearing panties. Everyone is going to react different if they find out you wear panties, both men and women might jump to conclusions. However now days with so many men wearing panties its not uncommon to hear about it, or even see it. And you would be surprised at how many women are into men wearing panties, or are curious to see men wearing panties. There are lots of couples wearing panties and they enjoy how fun it is to wear panties together, shop for panties together, and pick out panties for each other. Lets face it mens underwear is boring and women have expressed how great a guy looks in a tight pair of panties clinging to him. There is even a huge community for men wearing panties and they have a great blog in which many women have commented on men wearing panties, the blog is at they have lots of great info from others who wear panties and from women and couples into men wearing panties.


Yes, i also use clifton panties.
In women panties, I feel very comfortable.

Who would see your underwear in public? Just curious.

Google men's lingerie for underwear that fits.

Most women dislike panties on men, many hate the idea. Some like it.

90% of men think it's humiliating hen pecking and would joke about it forever.

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