Married men want to cheat with these celebs the most [SLIDESHOW]

Married men want to cheat with these celebs the most [SLIDESHOW]
According to a poll by the super-reputable (the dating site that helps married dudes cheat on their wives), these are the five women married men would like to cheat on their wives with the most. (Re: #1. REALLY?!) Click an image below …
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'Blue Jasmine' is Woody Allen at his sharpest
It's always extra-funny to see a person in top hat or tiara skid on a banana peel, yet Cate Blanchett hits the pavement so painfully that the guffaw catches in your throat. Jasmine, formerly married to Hal (Alec Baldwin), a rich financial fraudster …
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Supreme Court bid to prevent Dewani facing trial in South Africa
And obviously I am just citing an opinion, one which is based on a corrupt country in which police regularly bribe and blackmail people into giving fake accounts of what happened. His motive doesn't even make sense! Why would he marry the woman if he …
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