Mayuri Tries to Pick Up Girls

Komamaru(Brian) and Gin(Stewie)discuss when Mayuri(Peter) tried to pick up girls as the Miss USA Pageant.(Part of Mayuri/Family Guy Collection)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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is’nt that true that soi fon has mosquito bite boobs?

That’s not a sword. :3

his sword placement is interesting

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA guys i cant stop laughing! xD

gin as stewie is EPIC

Mayuri Fail experiment fail!! HA HA HA!!

Mayuri is always getting pieces of him chopped off or blown away, it’s like he can’t be cut only mortally wounded, oh thats right he can grow all that shit back, now why didn’t anyone else think of that…

I Love this!

I Love how Gin is Stewie. The voice sooo fits!

@DeathIsEz kukaku shiba

@SimplySmurfette Oh I know. But I just though about what peter said and added rukia to the list of mosquito bite boobs list. :}

@spikelover99 That’s Soi Fon, not Rukia

@DeathIsEz kukaku shiba kaien shibas sister!

@DeathIsEz She’s Kuukaku Shiba, she’s related to Ganju and Kaien, and she helped Ichigo’s gang enter the Soul Society. 🙂

Who’s the girl that Mayrui first tries to pick up?

haha Rukia has mosquito bite boobs… but rukia kicks ass… haha Smooth Mayuri… AWWWW Gin as stewie is the perfect match 😀

love soifon when she walks away

@kikyouwuv well if she wore the prostetic then yeah

@wolffang2021 with her one good arm? 😉


good job w/ this video i cant stop laughing
and its makes it more aspecial <(funny word) cause komamura is a dog like brian

gin as stewie = fucking amazing


that wos lam

lol xD

lol mayuri isn’t that good with the ladies

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