Men dressing style – from a woman point of view?

Question by piotr: Men dressing style – from a woman point of view?
I’m trying to change my dressing style but I have no idea how to start it. Today I wear t-shirts [various colors, no stamp], shorts [a inch above my knee, black or grey] and a tennis shoe.
I know it is really informal, but we have hot temperatures [sometimes far above from 30°C], so I can’t use heavy cloths all the time [suits for example].
From a woman’s point of view, how bad and how can I change in my everyday dressing style?
I don’t like the idea of get rid of my t-shirts, maybe buy some better fabrics, this is too bad?
How bad my shorts are really bad? I really need to get rid of them? What kind os pants should I use? Jeans pants are ok?
I like confortable shoes, only tennis worked so far, but if is really important I may change, any tips about it?
My body type is something betwen thin and athletic, any recommendations or further reading?

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Answer by See That TWiNkLe in My Eye?
Just be yourself. A tee and some shorts are pretty good for me…, but if you still want to update, I would try wearing some light color polos and some khaki colored shorts.

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You don’t have to get rid of any clothes you do not want to–to be honest, neat and clean is best. You live in a hot climate–cottons, linens best fabric. Slacks (casual) and jeans are fine as long as they fit, don’t sag and aren’t tight. Nice t-shirts and jeans can look good on a man, as long as clean and no holes, tears. Your best bet is google any men’s clothing line or actually go to a mens clothing store. A good one will listen to you and what you want and can help you find one. You don’t say your age, but if young, get on line to any mens clothing storecatalog and look at the pictures of the men around your age, get descriptions of clothes and go to store with description of clothes you like. Slacks, the casual kind, are good for dates, shopping etc etc. They are looser fitting than jeans, thus cooler for day. casual slacks, good fitting jeans & t-shirts. Casual dress shirts, polo shirts–these things lets a girl know the guy likes to take care of himself and look good and that he can care about details of even HER clothing. If you are athleticslim build baggy shorts should be a no no. They shouldn’t be skin tight but they should fit nicely. Pictures in catalogsonline should give you idea of what I mean.

ok look get nike shoes get some clothes from like AE, hollister, aeropostale, or abercrombie. i also reccomend that you dont wear shorts above ur knee thats sorta werid…. make them at ur knee if not alittle pit shorter. try like light colored shorts with a polo. like what David Archuleta did a few weeks ago from american idol… something like dat!! its so cute!

Your shorts are too short, I think guys should wear shorts at least 1-2 inches below their knees. Just plain colored ones are boring, get some plaid ones or something and then throw in some bold colored polos with your t-shirt collection. Another thing you can swamp out for t-shirts on occasion are those formal button up long-sleeved shirts you wear under suits, a white cotton on with light orange strips or something would be really cute and with khackis (sp?) that would look adorable! Women look beachy looking clothes on tan, muscular guys haha.

you should buy some tan cargo shorts that go below your knee or on ur knee and polo shirts because shorts above ur knee are kinda short and buy some striped shirts try them with the tan cargo shorts and try different colored cargo shorts and buy some iconic denim pants or iconic khaki pants whichever u prefer

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