Men long hair styles?

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by scottobear

Question by Son of The Plunder: Men long hair styles?
any1 kno any good sites tht have styles for men with long hair? not medium its just below my chin. cant see to find any =(
i dont want anything emo, i dont mind cutting my hair a bit shorter but not much

i want to get it kinda like this dude

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Answer by Kristin B
Unfortch… I have tried searching for the same thing for my cousin who refuses to cut his hair.. so we’re trying to make him at least get it styled! Your best bet might be to run into a salon real quick and take a look at the haircut style books they have in the lobby.. they should have some good ideas in there for you

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I dont know any sites, but long hair men isnt for everyone.

pony tail

uhh…do like SKATER HAIR YEHHHH!!!

Here are some I’ve found.

I totally feel for you man, I have long hair myself- long, thick and curly. I scoured the net for hairstyles, couldn’t find much of anything for men. For now, I’m lucky to have a friend pursuing a career in hairdressing and the like, so she cuts mine periodically, but besides that, I don’t know. I’m in the process of figuring it out too. One thing I might suggest, if your just looking for ideas, would be movies, movies and magazines. As for actually getting it styled, maybe print out a picture, and take it to a salon, ask if they can do it. Chances are they can. I don’t know what else to tell you, other than to just get creative and figure something out. I usually tie mine back, and I’ve found many ways of doing so. I have a bunch of standardized elastic like black hair ties, like anyone would use. I also sometimes use strips of leather of varying length for different things too. Hair gel can work wonders too. My hair is shoulder length now, but as it was growing out, I often gelled it, for a rather unique look that worked well for me. Bottom-line: there are a lot of things you can do, get creative, try different things, and see what looks good for you, and what you like. Best of luck to you.

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