Men (not boys), what makes a woman “the marrying kind”?

by France1978

Question by Cameo: Men (not boys), what makes a woman “the marrying kind”?
I know it’s human nature to categorize people we’ve met and, to a certain extent, I think we’ve all done it. In your opinion, what are the primary characteristics of the “marrying kind” of woman?

How does she differ from other women you’ve met?

Have you met a marrying kind and, if so, did you marry her?

I know it’s not politically correct, but please be candid and answer this question, too. In the deep recesses of your mind, what labels (for lack of a better term) do you use to categorize certain types of women that you meet and/or date?
Before we dated, my husband described me to his family by saying, “She’s the kind of woman that a guy marries.”

After our wedding, when I asked him why he believed that I was the marrying kind during our courtship, he said it showed in the way I dressed, in my demeanor and in my attitude; I wasn’t a trollop (my word–his was more profane). I was educated, we went to the same church and shared the same spiritual beliefs so it was understood that we had similar expectations of dating and marriage. He said that he didn’t see me as the type of woman to date “just for fun.”

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Answer by princezz
I just had to check out these answers! lol

Okay…I’ll be back to see them later! Apparently they don’t know what your talking about…or there are no MEN on Y/A!

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To be the marrying kind, you must be smart, funny, and have the ability to hold your own in a conversation / debate. Obviously you have to be attractive, but if you don’t have the rest of the parts the relationship is not going to survive.

you using need to hope there not the divorce type too.

a girl thats not a wh***!Thats it…thats all there is to it!Someone that can be faithful….lol..If you can find that keep her!

A> Primary 1. she is looking for a husband not a boyfriend

B> not much diff from the rest till entering into the “marrying” stage

C> yes, then no

D> I don’t cos I don’t like to be label/categorised

Most importantly she has to meet all the criteria you have in wanting a woman for your wife. Some of us, settle for less because we don’t know if we can do better or not. If we take the time to make sure this woman fits our values instead of trying to make her fit then she is of marriage quality.

100% trusting, faithful, happy relationship, passionate partner, loving

good question!!!

Guys answer this!!

types that i have met, and would never date are the ones that are immature. They may be older than me, but for some reason they think it is cool, and fun to go out and “party” every night. That is dumb, what are you celebrating… that you didn’t get alcohol poisoning last night, so you have to try again tonight?

For me, it is someone that is honest, that can have a mature conversation about issues that bother her. Can laugh at herself and is understanding when i screw up (because boy do I ever). Being good with children is a plus because it takes alot of patience to do that, and it is something that may come into play in our relationship in the future.

I have met the marrying kind, no we have not gotten married. Soon we might, though the relationship is not that old yet, and i want to wait a little longer before anything like that is proposed.

Someone who is not a user is important. Because if the take, take, take… where is their give, what do they have to offer the relationship besides wanting something more that I can give her?

Sorry that this may not be very coherent, because i haven’t gotten as much sleep as i need because of a tooth ache.

Hope i answered the question well. Have a good day.

I know im not man but with three older brothers who have been married i figured i give an input. the woman my brothers have married are all well kept as in not sloppy looking, have manners when needed, 2 are pretty 1 is ok looking, not whiny at least when im around whichis a good thing, active, not too girly girly but not boyish, not too clingy, my brothers are head over heels for them, so i guess thats what you’d look for .

Maturity is probably the main thing I would look for. Is she still caught up in what’s trendy and being part of the crowd. Or is she more concerned with her career, family, etc.

To be totally honest, maturity and all other traits are things I would look for in any woman I want to date. I’m not the type of guy who is interested in party girls now and then something else down the line when I’m ready to “settle down”. I would approach any relationship as though this could be the person I wind up marrying.

Lets start with the ones you don’t want to marry.. the ones that look like s l u t s.. cause you can’t take them home to mom, and you can’t trust them to stay faihful…

The ones you want to marry are the ones who dress beautifully with class, those you can take home to mom.. Because they have class they have the confidence to keep thier panites on… and not drop them at the sight of a 9″ dick … lol

Oh and she is allways there for her man, he can call her or bug her a millions times a day for years at a time, and she just won’t mind….. that’s a keeper.

a women that doesn’t leave you or threat over every fight.

The marrying kind:
1. She didn’t sleep with you on the first two dates.
2. She doesn’t dress like a ho.
3. She doesn’t act like a ho.
4. She can hold a conversation.
5. She is someone you don’t mind introducing to your family.
6. She acts like a lady, not a party girl.

Very interesting question, guys very interesting answers.

That is hard to say. For me she was/is the girl that: inspired me, was my best friend, the one I could open up to, was there for me when needed, my playmate [not sexually], she does not have to be the “model” shape, she is very smart, I know would be there when things got hard, & I believe even more but naming them escapes me now.
We started dating 19yrs ago & have been married over 12yrs now, with 3 children.
Each man is looking for some of the same qualities, but arranged differently.
Women & girls, you don’t have to be a size 0 to 4 with blonde hair, perfect skin, & 38 DDD. That may blind us for a while, but we are not as superficial as you think. The rapping while get attention, but what inside the package will keep us around.

Here are 10, not in priority order

1. Someone optimistic and adventurous
2. Someone that is smart and funny
3. Someone that takes care of themselves, that I am physically attracted to, and shares my desire for physical intimacy
4. Someone that likes some of the things I like
5. Someone that listens and is caring to the other people in her life (how she treats her family, friends, animals, waiters, etc)
6. Someone that shares my moral values
7. Someone with good financial sense
8. Someone that my friends and family like
9. Someone that gets what she wants in life and doesn’t quit easily
10. Someone that loves me for me (the good and the bad) and is open to me loving her

How’s that?

I love this question and some of you guys have really great answers. Reading these made me smile!! Seems like some of the guys on Yahoo Answers are the “marrying type” themselves! 🙂

1. Average or better looks.
2. Higher than average intelligence.
3. Well-developed sense of humor.
4. Amenable to a clear division of labor in and out of the house.
5. Fun-loving.
6. Amenable to anal sex. (Hey, it’s my list.)

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