Men, what is your idea of the “perfect woman”?

Question by for3v3r_17teen: Men, what is your idea of the “perfect woman”?
What qualities, both personality and looks wise, would a woman need to possess for you think “she’s the one.”

Just curious on what some of the men out there consider to be “wifey” material.

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Answer by RVP Regional Vice President
skinny, virgin, cooks, cleans, is semi submissive, not bossy, beautiful, funny, smart a total 10 in all aspects.

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“Soul-mate”? “The one”? Ha ha, sorry I hope I don’t offend anyone (I don’t mean to, hopefully), but I’ve given up on women a long time ago. Well pretty much I’ve always felt like this throughout my life since i have genophobia. I feel like its best for me if I stay a virgin forever, without having anything to do with girls (or women). Not trying to be offensive, i just don’t feel like romance/physical intimacy is for me.

A woman that I am attracted to, that’s a GOOD woman.

Good meaning she’s loyal, patient, loving, supportive, confident, independant (in moderation), and open-minded.

She’s a woman that loves me for ME. Thinks i’m JUST as attractive as I would feel for her. Mature in her ways where arguments that come we would handle maturely with great communication.

Supportive in understanding of who I am and our life, patient to deal with the fact that I DO have faults, and as I know she will too, we can both find compromise and common ground to deal with them.

Confident to where compliments, attention, and love is offered on my own accord and not as a necessity.

Open-minded to have great conversations with her, to have humor like mine that we can laugh and share activities together because it’s either a new experience, something fun, or just the fact we do it TOGETHER it’s cool to indulge in it.

Not overly conservative to the point where etiquette, standards, and her own developed morals override mine to a means that unless I ultimately folllow and live HER life we cannot be together. It would be more a matter of RESPECTING each other’s personality and lifestyle and find ways to cohabitate through ADAPTION and individual respect, rather than control and forced adherance.

Out of it all the love, patience, and communication I have with this woman would encompass all that i’d want from a woman.

My wife fulfilled all of this, and it’s why i’m happily married to her to this day.

my 2 cents.

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