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what color of pants should u pair with black shirts? Thanks…

your shirt blinds me hahaha such a crisp white

I dress up my jeans with a black shirt and and slim black jacket. Easy sex

Black dress shirts are for waiters, sleazy pit bosses, and high schoolers.

so my question is, what occasion is black shirt for? is it just for waiter
and working uniform? or is it also good for party?

what about a black t or under shirt under a white dress shirt or light
colored dress shirt?

Maybe try to use your hands more…or not. I dunno. Are they your hands or
added in post?

Dark hair and dark skin aka a Black man??

My black shirt has gotten me laid so many times, I even got a Stripper to
buy me a drink.

Nope. It’s good advice for helping people’s eyes move easily upward the
body, highlighting your face, which is a good thing, but it’s not a
hard-and-fast rule. You want to avoid really obvious and stark contrasts
like light-colored khakis with a black shirt, but there’s nothing wrong
with lighter trousers and a darker shirt, particularly if you have a
contrasting jacket over that shirt.

Black shirt, grey suit. Good idea for an interview? Thanks for the quality
videos! Cheers from FdL, WI.

Actually it’s for pharmacy school, so that would probably count as
conservative. Would a yellow shirt with a solid black or black/gray striped
tie be okay?

Antonio, when do believe a white suit is appropriate or not. Also, you
spoke about matching black with a contrasting jacket would a white suit
work for this? Thanks.

congrats on the 200th video keep up the excellent work

That would depend on what kind of job you looking for. In conservative
fields such as law & finance, definately not. But if you apply for a more
creative job then it might work in your favor as you demonstrate you can
combine stylish formality with individuality. But unless you’re absolutely
certain you can pull it off and it will be appreciated I’d advice going for
something more conservative. Interviews and funerals are things you only
get one shot at, best not take chances.

If it’s good enough for Johnny Cash, it’s good enough for me.

Why dont you do more video recommendation the guys with dark complexions
(you know what i mean). Because cant guys with really dark complexions wear
more colors, yellows, reds, purples than lighter complexion guys? Also,
wouldnt you say that certain styles look better on different types of
bodies? Some trendier style look better on young, really trim guys while
other styles look great on my ethnic guys and still there some that fit
whites guys better? I’m being honest, not racist.

does black make you look skinnier?

what color tie would go with a black shirt?

this guy would be way better if he gave exaamples on whats he’s talking
about. when he talsk about casual wear he wears a cuit its ridiculous

In my opinion, no. Just go with a white shirt or light blue.

A favorite look of mine is my black suit with a black dress shirt and a
white tie/pocket square. I love the literal black/white contrast it
creates, and it certainly makes heads turn.

I like that you think it is impressive that you hang out with strippers-

Hey Antonio, can you start putting a reminder to like the video at the end
of the video? I always watch your videos and tell myself I’m going to hit
the like button. I prefer to like the video after I watch it, but I always
end up forgetting and clicking away, a reminder at the end would really
help me and a lot of others remember to like your videos.

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