(Men’s) Dress Shoes feel clunky?

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Question by Swarmy: (Men’s) Dress Shoes feel clunky?

I’m 16. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I’m a teenager and am not part of the working class, but am I the only one who thinks that Dress Shoes feel big and clunky?

Every pair of Dress Shoes I’ve worn was the right size for me, but Dress Shoes always seem to look like a pair of colossal protruding masses of black nothingness when compared with casual shoes or sneakers. They don’t bend as easily at the toes and have a bad habit of creasing up if I don’t take extreme care of them. I wear them once a month at the very least for cadets.

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Answer by Casper
most important:cheaper= clunky. do they ride up on heels/ancle back? try boot toe or pointed dress shoes, not box toe. more laces= bulkier. the brand diesel makes pretty good dress shoes. try going 2 nordstrom rack if you have one near you. also avoid ruberized soles with a heel. try dress boots,hope it helps…

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