men’s dressing style names??

Question by jonsbill: men’s dressing style names??
can anyone pls tell me some men’s dressing style names?? especially for slims..!!

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Answer by bittybubbles2
Here are some of the stores that I have found cater to men exceptionally well, especially skinnier males. 😀

Topman: very fashion forward, perfect for slims. Versatile selections, too!

Pac Sun: Caters to more casual, relaxed styles.

Urban Outfitters: Many fun pieces, lots of stylish and indie-styled looks.

American Apparel: Great for basics, and designed with skinnier guys in mind! 🙂

H&M also carries a decent selection of men’s clothing, but they unfortunately do not have an online store for the U.S.
Gap and Old Navy also often feature men’s clothing that is slim-fit and stylish.


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