Men’s fashion for winter?

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by Carol Browne

Question by anonguy: Men’s fashion for winter?
I’m going to be honest, I’m going to sound like a real prep here, sorry. I recently got into wearing collared shirts, button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up etc. I’m Into that kind of look. Anyone have any websites or stores that have that kind of clothing with nice jackets. I don’t want just a hoody or long sleeve shirts. any suggestions o.o
Oh and another question that will make me sound like I’m high maintenance haha.. What cologne best fits the cold seasons?

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Answer by Foremost authority
In the winter, just dress warm and don’t worry about fashion.

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i prefer kenneth cole black, or givenchy anything for cologne. long lasting and light to prevent overpowering.

JCrew, Urban Outfitters, Asos. They have varieties.

I’m not specifically sure what most brand of men’s colognes smell like. I would say a warm cologne. Something that’s a more Christmas-like smell; something that may smell like Cinnamon, apple, a fireplace, a tree. You should look into what brands sell a cologne with a scent like that.

As for the fashion, pea coats are very classy and more “preppy.”

I love it! Men SHOULD care how they look. Just like ya’ll don’t want to date a girl that looks like a bum all the time, we don’t want guys to look like bums.

Check out 21Men. It’s Forever 21’s line for men. Fast fashion at a good price.

I also really like men in Express.

As far as cologne, you should test them for yourself. Each scent has notes that will turn with your individual body chemistry. It might smell amazing in the bottle, amazing on the next guy, and putrid on you. If you have a Sephora or a Sephora inside JCPenney nearby stop in. They can give you a fragrance consultation and help you pick a fragrance based on notes that you like and also give you customized samples to see what works for you.

Cologne: Polo Black or Aqua di Gio (best ever)
Collar shirts are very nice and you can wear for any occasion.
I purchase most of my gear from
They have very nice stuff at a very inexpensive rate.

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