Men’s Fashion Tips : How to Dress a Retro Man

Due to the popularity of some television programs and movies, some men choose to wear fashions that were popular in the 1940s and ’50s. Find retro looks for …
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This is ’60s. That tie is pretty liberal, plus everything this guy said
described modern menswear. Plain front trousers with a skinny cut, and
small lapels on the jacket. The major difference between modern suits and
those of the “Continental Look” era is the trouser waist rise and leg cut.
Back then, the leg was pegged toward the bottom. Now things are cut like
blue jeans. I personally don’t like anything made past the late-50s. 

Also, men, up until the 60s when they went out of fashion, didn’t go
anywhere without a hat. Most of the time it was a fedora. And not the
“fedoras” nowadays which are, in my opinion, disproportionate with their
large crown and thin brim. If want a good idea of what it should look like
and and the clothing too just take a look at the 2009 movie Public Enemies
which really went for authenticity. A clip of it: watch?v=8nwDh3Z0JRw

thats cool

About 85% of the of the movies I watch were made between 1935 and 1960 and
I have to say that, except for the pinstripes, this looks closer to a 60s
suit. In the 40s the suits were typically double-breasted with very wide
lapels and often were striped (not always pinstriped). The guy in the white
hair form Mad Men is wearing a 40s suit. In the fifties the lapels did get
thinner and by the sixties were very thin and overall seemed very plain.
Don’t try to combine a 40s suit with a 50s. continued>

I really appreciate how you achnowledged what the Retro look is and broke
it down through your own style from your examples.

Gee, do you think that they had better taste in clothes back then as
opposed to the sloppy look of today???

Was anyone else reminded of the MidwayUSA videos at the end? “I’m Larry
Potterfield with MidwayUSA, and that’s the way it is.”

Look up retro man 509 on you tube now.

how to add a vest in it? any advice?

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