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What kind of jeans are you wearing there?

Not feelin any of the outfits. The jeans are too baggy for shoes (The boots
looked good), and you need a belt if you are going to tuck in your shirt,
or it looks tacky. The blazer was nice, but those gray shoes….awful throw
them out please.


This Guy Is Trying To Hard Lol He Looks Funny..

these jeans are too baggy, choose skinnier ones man

These jeans are way too long for your size. 


The reason why jeans can be a substitute to slacks is because of the
tailored fit. Your jeans aren’t tailored properly. The length is too long.
Please wear a belt. Also your shirts aren’t slim fit. Too much fabric on
the sides. I could see where you were trying to go. But I would go to a
seamstress or tailor to get your clothes fitted properly.

Pretty gayyy

the pink shirt, is not the proper way to fold your sleaves up brother!

What about the tall fat people what do you recommend? 

LOVE your vids, very entertaining as well as super helpful. Could you do a
What To Wear With Tan Leather Shoes/Boots? I love them but they are harder
to match than black or dark brown leather shoes. Thanks!

style is absolutely horrible/

i come here for the jeans , but .. there u go , smiling at the camera and
takes over my heart -__- ( im girl don’t worry )

nice shoes i like it

Awesome thanks!! Im sticking with u 🙂


Hey what is that pink/reddish colored shirt called thats amazing where can
i buy it?

Yoo!! I just lyk ur styles mann..

You dress horrible.

Blazerr is dope

Hey thanks for the quick reply. Yeah definitely bro! U seem very
knowledgeable of the subject so any suggestions will be appreciated. I
enjoi your vids coz u seem very open about fashion unlike the others who
never mentions evry item they wear. U definitely earn urself a sub. Thanks

can someone tell me the difference between BLAZER and COAT ?? coz i dunno
which one to buy???? arrggg

If you want to keep it simple.. I would do a button down white shirt, and
maybe a dark colored cardigan over that. Or, you can do a nice polo shirt
as well. Like a nice fitted black or navy polo.

Thanks! I would say in order to keep dressy but still young and stylish.. I
would say definitely check out blazers at H&M they have em for a really
good price. Try to aim for a dark color maybe grays or navy blue (even
black). Dark khaki bottoms and a simple button down white shirt. You can
add a tie as well.

Isnt there a time for a more laid back look? Dress shirts and shoes to go
out to the movies seems a bit too much… I think a t shirt and more
laidback shoes have their place.

I live in Fort Worth Texas 

This is great. For anyone looking for a job in the winter. That first
impression counts

Hey Antonio, how about a video on YOUR personal style. It’s so unique and
interesting, but it’s also very simple and subtle! The chest pocket on the
opposite side, the ring on the opposite finger (I know this one) and the
button up lapels!
Cheers Mr Centeno

excellent advise

FitFabricStyle….FFS XD You makes perfect sense with these tips.Salute!

Hi Antonio Im a junior in high school and I wear a t shirt and jeans to
school every day. I want to step up my style without looking too formal.
What should I do?

Thank you

How to dress casual and still look sharp. Clothing advise for men.

I love your videos, Please do a video about suspenders (braces) and how to
put them and if they have to contrast with the tie or suit…and why some
people wear them along with belts ? Please answer me even by a comment
because Im kindof confused. Much thanks and support from Germany.

I guess dressing up depends on demographic location aswell and crowds. and
the type of place you go. but thanks for the vid

Where would you recommend to buy clothing such as Polo’s or shirts for a
seventeen year old. I want to change my dress, but I don’t want to shell
out too much money.

Hi, when I wear a shirt I wear a shiro go out drinking and things like
that… How do I wear a shirt to go to college without people thinking
diffrently of me,,, What do I say when people ask me “Why are you wearing a

this guy is awsome

Hi Antonio, it appears then that it is a You Tube transcript problem, and I
apologize. Click on the “cc” on the task bar beneath the video, and you’ll
see what I mean, and perhaps advise You Tube.

quick question; is it OK to wear a polka dot tie with a pinstripe suit, or
does the pattern clash?

You are welcome.

continued… so in conclusion. I want to dress look and feel professional
on a class room level for graduate courses at a University. I don’t want
come off strong to where people will roll their eyes because i’m so over
the top. I currently don’t have a job, but am in search of one. I value
your opinions and professional advice to help me acquire the perfect new
wardrobe that is right for me. Feel free to let me know if you need any
additional information. I’m 32 years old.

Thanks — I do try.

This helps a lot, thanks for the advice!

The getting arrested walking around naked comment was very funny

Mr. Atonio, could you give me some advises ? I’m overweight, I know that i
should wear dark colored/stripe/fit shirts but I don’t know anything about
what kind of pants should I wear. I’m desperately trying to change the
sloppy looking me. Please give me some guides, thank you.

Great, Guys really need to shape with dress sense, Europe is much better
with style. I am always complimented for my style, then again i guess i
have good taste. In Australia fashion sense is not that good. They dress
like hobos, sorry but its true. I have found it even hard to find guys to
date who dress with some class. They could be just blind in what goes with
what. Come on guys get with it !!!

Thanks for your point.

Antonio!!! I subscribed to you since last year and I love your videos!! I
just want to say that there is a new brand here in The Netherlands called
”Circle of Gentleman” I bought 2 dress shirts of those and I truly love
them. Their attention to details is fantastic. Just wanted to show you
that. Thanks for giving us great content!

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