MEN:What style on girls do you like?

Question by b-gal: MEN:What style on girls do you like?
shaved,short,medium,long hair?
hair color?
hair texture?
hair up or down?
skin color?
eye color?
cup size?
clothing style?
waxed,trimmed,clean shaven,or hairy?!?

unlike everyone here I give credit to “A.nswer Machine” for this question idea!
come on all you visual creatures!
style OF girls for all you grammer nazis out there!!
10 pts. to the “FIRST” man who can answer this question ENTIRELY and HONESTLY.

Best answer:

Answer by sophy b
I’d be surprised if you got many guys to answer this.
Guys dont pay as much detail to this stuff as girls do.

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You mean style of girls ? Style on girls doesn’t make any sense.

I like the nature and sincerety of girls first .. then looks ..
and if she is beautiful in nature then she is beautiful by looks too ..

I like short hair
wavy,not straight
hair down,but wavy
skin fair and a bit chocolate
size,taller the better but must be chubby a bit
eye colour blue
cup size medium,enough for my hand to squeeze
dress type
trimmed and clean

Long hair – the longer the better – A real man will never tell you to cut your hair.
Hair Color – All – I love women and the selection of hair color is just another thing that makes you so wonderful.
Texture – Heck, as long as it doesn’t feel like a brillo pad – I like it…
Down, Down, Down, Let your hair down
Size/ Build – just not athletic or muscular – I want a feminie woman… not a manly girl – I’m straight for a reason and that’s because I like a woman, not girl trying to be a guy.
Eye color – don’t care but i reall go crazy for the speckled or sparkly kind – WOW!!!
Cup Size – Don’t care as long as they’re real – Plastic doesn’t excite me…
Clothing style – nearly naked is hot…
The bald eagle works for me, I can also enjoy a bacon strip, creative is cool but disco is out of style (if you know what I mean)

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