Mind Control Language Patterns

How to use language to persuade, manipulate and seduce.

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about time any of you try to learn to enslave people, the system will have already failed. its coming out soon and more people are learning how to protect themselves by simple truth of self awareness

@SusanQ83642 There are a lot of people with J.K. initials in there names…so what! Regarding Harry Potter I have no problem with it…I suppose waving a wand to you is “witchcraft and sorcery”. I suggest you go look up the original Greek word in your Bible; you might discover TRUE “sorcery” and “witchcraft” is the misuse of drugs or “pharmakeia”.

Has anyone here noticed that J.K. Ellis and J.K. Rollings (of Harry Potter Fame) Have the same initials J. and K.? I would bet a dime to a rolling donut that SHE studied these books and then used that info to write her books and filthify the minds of children around the world! They are prepping our children to be drones in the N.W.O.!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! It is COMING and it is coming SOON!! Guard your hearts and your minds, and fall down on your knees and pray for deliverance!!

so what! what’s wrong with supporting the mans book. How else is the man suppose to eat? Is it illegal to buy books these days my God!

This blog really helped me understand this. It’s one of the best blogs I’ve seen in this area. Just thought it’d help anyone else who’s interested.


@RandyOsgood NLP is used by a lot of people–in politcs. law enforcement, business, teachers.

Persuasion isn’t about magic phrases or language patterns. It’s just not that easy. You need to know WHAT to do. If a person is skimming this comment, perhaps looking for debatable statements and is ready to click the “reply” button to correct me you MAY be very interested in learning the structures of language and how to really use it powerfully and elegantly. It’s not about spewing a whole paragraph at someone and hoping it sinks in. It’s about using the smallest amount for the biggest result

you can convince anyone of almost anything by cunning….not mind controll….

this video uses language patterns and neuro linguistics to influence you into buying the book about language patterns and neuro linguistics – that’s hilarious

i wish there was some way i could control their mind to make these books free so i can learn how to do the shit.

I want the book.

If you want the book, just tell me. 😉

How fascinating, but don’t throw money out of the window. 😛

why not , ???

i think it worked…. must buy book… must buy book… etc.

Have you benefited from that book?

From the reviews of JK Ellis’ books on Amazon there seems to be better books out there on the subject.


Are you JK Ellis?

It’s doing just what I wanted.

and yes, I am an asshole!

The language of the advert is interesting, it is using hypnotic suggestion in that it offers us a choice whilst making us biased towards buying the book………what an asshole…..

you should read. “How to win friends and influence teenage girls”

the advert itself uses nlp lol

an advertisement for the JK Ellis book? I think so.

weird and wrong

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