Mr. Lee Scratch Perry, ganja man style

REmix do programa deep roots music, Mr lee Perry fala de como é o almighty mesmo, mostra seu estúdio canta e ainda fuma uns..

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Did you hear that..?

Jah Rastafari Love n Peace !

cigarret smoke ACID

scratch is the burning match that lights me spliff

lol mans high

@bastien47180 i also need to know that song! its so uprised high!

They call me Jack Knack. They call me the seven eyed Jack. They call me the
seven piece of the sun. I control the moon in my right hand. I control the
mirror sun in my left hand. I control the stars in my feet. AND I control
the universe RIGHT here…. Right were this little nail print was…. I am
the same Jesus Christ as the black Christ who was once crucified 2005 years
ago…. I AMMMMMM…..


If you wanna download this mp3 click to dopemp3s doht cohm.

ganja no drogge cocaine drogg!!! cocaine faya junky faya

Scratch is the fucking shiet! going to smoke while listening to him this
weekend! My god it will be heavenly <3

This is the greatest video ive ever seen.

Prime minister,prime sinister,crime minister let the ganja smoke joke all
of em

primo jamaican herb 🙂

ss iniciador de el reggae music respeto y alavanza

Running around in the mud…ahhhhh! Running around in the mud…wahhh rahhh

he doesnt struggle with the world. world got to struggle with him. he is a

do some knew wat song begans on 0:30

i saw Lee Perry lastnite in Oakland,Ca. with Heavyweight Dub
Champion.Fucking Nice show !!!

Two world for describe him : crazy genious! Love it!

Pass de Rizla!

Best video ever. Lee is THE MAN.

i love this man…

is this a movie? or just a music video?

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