Mubarak ho tumko ye shade tum hare

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Beautiful song by Heather, too bad there is no vid, and i dont know how to make one lol.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Love this song .

awesome song movie was thik thak thi not god movie karishma is so beautifull akshay was good abhishek acting call joint karlo aane papa se kuch sikho is umer mb qayamat dhaa rahe he aur tum shame on u

nice acting akshay.. 4get abhi n kar

I feel sad for Abhishek and karisma..i knew they were in luv since verylong..i read wen I was a teenager,that wen karisma got her 1st best actress award,Abhishek kal her to congratulate her personally,infact the first person to congratulate her..their luv started since..

Wish he had married her in real life 🙁

i wna shag karishma

wots movie name???

i like this song

i love this song

i love Udit Narayan’s voice
it awsome

@sweetdollie abb bachoon par dhiyaan do good time gone

Karishma looks beautiful….

@bryant362 u r sooo nice :D. those were the days when my biggest problem would b something like deciding what to wear to my uncle’s wedding or why the color of my mehndi didn’t come out right. sighs. i pray to God ke ek bar phir i can experience that time. @Boyrulezz u r not alone. dont lose hope dear.

@Boyrulezz yh man i no how u feel bro … thats why they say nothings ever promised tomorrow today so live for the moment …live for present .. agar present ko na jiya na to kal beth kar pachta rahe hoga ke main beth kar rota raha muj ko life jeeni chahiye thi :p

@bryant362 you will never n0 how i feel about everything i cry everyday kuz i cant bring my past back

akshay-karishma pair was always cute

this song is just so beautiful man.

Nice Song Hai dear like itttttttttttttttttttttttttttt keeeeeeeeeep it up:

wat a song so touchy looking so natural

so sad song

I like this song, soo touchy

what has happened to bollywood these days. Their movies suck. I love the good old days when they actually good story telling. I love this film.

@Boyrulezz My man dont say that yar. bro one day you will be togather again with ur frends and takin a lugh jokin around.
man its been 9 years when all ma frends were togather , main pardes main aa gya.
bas veera tu dil chota na kar yar … man i dont like when a bro of mine is feelin like that.
bro believe me everything is good :p

@bryant362 i agree with u…those days will never come back i feel like crying

this trini girl is hot and talented

“she Can have ur body but i own ur heart” Damn thats touching

this song means so macth to me i love this song.

Oh wow the lyrics to this song is just so great its the work of a genuis really factual stuff right here…. LOVE’t

I echo your sentiments Tooley it was a difficult period but given time and understanding we live learn and grow beyond the pain and live and love again finding a new appreciation for these works

This is an amazing song! A song that I can really relate to.

i love this song because it true because i fell in love with my best guy friend and he decided to date this girl i believe wasn’t good enough for i was and i was hoping he see this

@KEIABSONLOVE oh wuau. we are in the same situation =(

This is my favorite song by her, she is such a great songstress. You can almost believe she’s feeling the pain these words express. LOVE IT.



this song brings back memories of when I was in love with someone who didn’t love me back

damn serio this song is the best
dedicated this to my ex santi now its a diff story ……
he doesnt see he hurts me
:[ hay kiddo

To bad there isn’t a video. Heather is one of my all time favorite artists.Loooove this song. Thanks for posting!

I enjoy and love the passion in all Her songs.Sang on Baby!

Trinidad&Tabago singer Heather Headley u did well am proud of u.

I dedicate this song to my girl dee dee

i have a ex that iask the same to all the time he says he still loves me but hes inlove with her but he spends all his time with me….i wonder whos lyeing to there self???

Really lovely Song indeed…

i can relate to this song she is da dam tru

@MrDarinbrown oh haha how sweet

i never knew how hard a haertache could be untili hear this….she is an amazing singer

@latinaangel16 ill be your ex…

Heather is one of my favorite songtress. Her voice is wonderful. I look forward to her next CD.

she have a nice voice .

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