LEARN HOW to SEDUCE Women HERE – Elaine Wayne, Justin Wayne’s Girlfriend, tells her story behind dating a Womanize…
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Patrice Oneal goes into the philosophy of having a bottom bitch, and talking your way into 3somes. Check out his youtube channel.

This girl is an airhead lmao. She knows shes being played but at the same time she secretly hopes that she can conquer Justin. It’s sad because women are totally helpless when they’re in this state but at the same time women do the same thing to guys that do treat them well, even worse. I would definitely try to get a nut in too!

haha Justin is a boss hes got her on smash good, shes too stuck up bro!

a tough pill* to swallow. Never heard that there was a cookie you had to swallow whole.

And then i saw the ending..

Damn, Justin’s girl filmed some of the dates he be on! That’s a down ass chick to do that! Justin is a true pimp!

This girl is 19.. All this time I was wondering why she was still with him. Now I know.

She is fine. She also looks kind of sad…

Respect 4 A real pimp!

Yea, she’s super hot but she’s so young, loves the D and got caught up. So basically it’s just an experience for her. Young girls love experiences.


Wtf this guy could have his gf even know hes fucking other chicks. While we all get yelled at for liking a girls picture on facebook!

Preselection Babydoll! ; – )

this chick is delusional so how are guys suppose to get with you? without being friends first or approaching you randomly?

hey Justin Wayne!! was my advice effective? 

Damn she’s hot.

yeah, she’s so ‘smart’…  she gets insulted by others but she’s ok with her own guy fooling around on her…. ofcourse he’s saying it’s just his ‘job’…


This is hilarious. She’s upset but loves it. So strange.

She is insulted for being approached by a guy that she does not fancy. INSULTED. LOL.

on the real, this is what me and my homies called ‘Beast Mode’ – way before PUA was a thing. Just bulldog hoes and treat them like you want. they respond to that bullshit. this is why guys like this (or me) are fucking GFs and wives.

Him came up to you because your hot and he wants to have sex with you daaaa are
you that stupid you deserve what your going to get in the future with a relationship
with a BS artist that has no loyalty or character.

Hmmm, as players I know that stereoypically they should not have a HUGE care for the girls fealings, but i cant imagine this girl has a large amount of self esteem off of dating him… hmmm, but then again perhaps she likes it?

This video ‘confessional’ is so awesome! Clearly ‘Elaine’, Justin is your ‘pimp’ and you’re his Main B. I mean….what she is describing has been this way since mankind started. Game recognize game!

3:09 – she says something that hit home with me. Younger Me rolled through women like crazy (1990s, before PUA was even a thing), and eventually you break hearts. Gotta decide if that is the way you want to live life. picking up hot women, sleeping around, etc… as you get older what is important to you changes. Good news is one of those hot dimepieces I slept with became my wife and gave me two amazing children 🙂 Bad news is doing all those women wrong…and karma is a bitch lol

obvously this happen in fancy night club , means that Privilege Ibiza España
aaa me – hello Ashley , she. oh , hi , im i have to back in the batroom! or see you!
me – oh wtf , This fuckin tities has The Bitch shield , , i do not figure out how do you put off! hey you – she ! – Dont talk me , so what you see! , i have THE BITCH SHIELD , JA JA! JA AJ IM KIDDING ITS A JOKE!

yeah men cuz this girl its alone! and nobody chase her! yeah nice tip boy!

keep going!…………………………

yeah its really true!

aaa bitch shield i like really like that dude!

esta muy bonito tu canal amigo aaam by the way… im mexican , in also speak english!”

Don’t waste your time.. theres no info

no info here…just a 3/4 hr brochure.
they will say /give stuff some day…but not in this video

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