Nathalie… DVD Trailer

Catherine (Fanny Ardant) is an attractive woman with a great career and a seemingly solid marriage to Bernard (Gérard Depardieu), her husband of 25 years. Their lives seem to be going well until Catherine discovers that Bernard is having an affair. Realizing that she does not really know her husband or what he really wants, Catherine hires Marlene (Emmanuelle Béart), a beautiful prostitute, to act as “Nathalie,” a woman who will seduce Bernard and extract answers to the questions that are obsessing her. Instead of the traditional man/woman relationship, what begins is a mesmerizing relationship between two women. Expecting to be in control of the situation, Catherine meets with Marlene on a regular basis. However, what she learns soon takes her into a world that not only startles her but begins to change her. NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD

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@farrah1289 you cannot compare!

@BarryDennen12 But watch chloe hot sluts amanda seyfred and julianne moore have sex!

I’m not sure if there’s any nipple.

Wait why am I having this conversation … hahaha.

@BarryDennen12 Soo the the hot slut does not show her tits?? I mean emanuelle

It is a total waste of time, I watched it again recently and you barely see anything. Fucking bullshit film. The only sexy bits are pretty much shown in the trailer.

@BarryDennen12 No sex scenes in this movie???? is weird because french movies usually have more sex than american movies,that hot slut emanuelle is in mission impossible,she is naked in nathalie ??? she shows tits ??

@KieyuEmMwinona That hot slut is in mission impossible

@Keijiko As I said before long live whores!!!!!!!!! they suck our cocks!

@BarryDennen12 That hot slut is in mission impossible,I think that is her only hollywood movie,tom cruise fucked her while making that movie,he is a lucky motherfucker

@alita031 yeah! I see… would like to see this movie too… I believe Julianne Moore is hotter than Fanny Ardant… hehehe

Chloe was brilliant but im not that fussed about watchin this LOL

@hardheadedparanoia for me 2 !

Chloe is much better for me.. =)

it was the end of this movie then that woman get 2 know the whore was lying 2 her just 2 get money easily, n his husband didn’t give that whore any response when she send her 2 him.

Sounds like you you can’t find a normal girl to do it

they say the same things like in the american version of the movie: Chloe.

But that hot slut is naked,right>>>??? show tits???

This is an incredibly inaccurate movie. The shot at 0:36 is total bullshit – Emanuelle always leaves her boots on when we have sex.

Actually there are no sex scenes in the movie, it stinks. The only good bit is seeing Emanuelle Beart be a slut on a stripper pole. Couple of sexy shots of her here and there but that’s it, the movie itself is a total waste of time. Utterly pretentious crap.

More hot sex scenes in this original movie?

Is actually canadian-american,it was filmed in toronto

Hot whore,long live whores!!!!!!!!! they suck our cocks!

The ameriacan one borrow sugar, the french one borrow lite~

where can i watch this movie is on the web?

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