Navy Blue or Grey blazer?

Question by Ellie: Navy Blue or Grey blazer?
I want both but will get one first and then the other because they are both really expensive (and I don’t want any cheaper ones). I know navy is going to be big this season. I like them equally. The navy I will wear more, but the grey is nice and unusual. Would YOU go for a grey or a navy blazer, and why?
Thanks for all the good answers so far. I would wear the blazer with tight fitted skinny or straight leg jeans and heels.

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Answer by mrshannahcullen87
I would defidently go for the grey. Blue will stand out, but you can pair grey with tons of other colors. :]

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Neither dont like blazers

they both sound nice bt i personally like the sound of the grey 1 better nd would pick that 1 just 2 b different frm every1 else bt it sound like u like the navy 1 better nd u said u would wear it more so u should probably go for that 1 since it is a lot of money and u should get the good out of it =] hope this help x

I would go with navy blue, it adds some color and navy blue works well with other colors so it’s easier to match.

I’d go with the navy blue. It’s more dignified and business-like, assuming that’s the look you want.

If you’re going to purchase both, I’d say start with the blazer that matches with more of your outfits. If the grey and navy blazers both match with a lot of your clothes, then just go with whichever you’ll wear more often..

IMO both are really good options, however the blue would be more practical especially for the spring and summer months because than you could wear it with white, over-dyed black, and medium blue jeans depending on what colors you want to go with top and shoe wise. The grey one I think would work better in the fall/winter time since gray always looks fab with black, but grey and blue is a good combo too. Just makesure you rock the heels with your classy, sexy cool.

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