Nice Joke photos

Some cool joke images:

Image by katastrophik

haarlem 2010 (75)
Image by bertknot
bike stand

Color Blind People
Image by Nick Bair
Get it? It’s red and green. They can’t see that I’m calling them dumb. It’s genius!

P.S. – I do not really think color blind people are dumb.

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HA! priceless!

they’d probably want to anyway


i hope its locked….

ha to pk

damn pk, i wanted to type the same thing

Hehe, I can see it.

But it still cracked me up.

i can read it too, although i too think its hysterical!

(we arent ALL dumb though *grin*)

Hmm… goes to show how much I know about color blindness.

Just found a Photoshop plugin to test color blindness… I will use this as a web developer to make sure everything is legible!

Well played.

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