Nick Jonas Looking Good In A Sport Jacket Before The Motown Tribute

February 22, 2011 – Nick Jonas was spotted at a Beverly Hills Office Building, looking good and keeping busy. – Nick Jonas wrote on his Twitter page: “Runnin…
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Scorpion Sport Jacket at Chaparral Motorsports

Scorpion Sport Jacket at Chaparral Motorsports – Click the link below to see the “Scorpion Sport Jacket” online at Chapar…

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on one hand i feel really bad for him cause it must be really frustraiting
but on the other hand i want to see what he’s doing…

Who is this??

Im sorry but some stars are really rude to them. What does Nick do? Smiles
holds up a peace sign and says “God Bless” I love him!


awh, you can tell that he is a little bit annoyed but he is still
respectful to the paparazzi. he is such a sweet guy. :))

You Go Nick.I Love how Nick is just normal and doing his own thing.Doesn’t
let the papa get to him.


i love him so match


@chelsx3jonas totally true

haha,i love how paparazzi always ask celebrities and they just answer like
“yeah” “aha” lmao 😛

Whats going on Nick?How`re ya doin` today Nick? Somebody doesnt have a
large dictionary…..Nick,Nick,Nick 😀

The paps annoy me…. Lol, they ask the celebs questions that they can’t or
don’t want to answer.

It’s nice when paps respect the stars and leave them alone when they ask…

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