Nothing Funny About 2 Donuts

Check out these funny images:

Nothing Funny About 2 Donuts
Image by Steve Rhode
Nothing too unusal about this sign. It appears to be for a couple of tasty donuts but it is the fine print at the bottom that made me laugh. Donuts, "Served After 10:30 AM". Evidently you can’t buy donuts for breakfast.

Image by – emanuele spies
Lucas; Ana Carolina

3- Funny Face #1
Image by cinnachick
I’ve got a million of them as anyone who has photographed me has ever known. Some are better than others and the urge to make one as soon as the camera is pointed at me is pretty instinctual. I figure if I’m gonna make ’em, I may as well share ’em

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nice smile! =)

Lovely smile…

haaaaa. I like this face.

It’s not that much of a funny face — in fact it’s a good happy shot of you.

Hello smirky

Yeah, you been making ’em for a while now.

Classic you.

Cute pic!!

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