Okay to wear suit coat like a sports coat?

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Question by B52: Okay to wear suit coat like a sports coat?
I’m 24. I’ve been working at this Fortune 500 company for about two years. Everybody wears somewhat business casual… long sleeve dress shirts, jeans, dockers, sports coats…

Although I’m really good at what I do and few have my skillset, I’m still kind of a kid. My department is relatively young (late 20’s-30’s), but people were stunned to learn I was only 24 and pulling off the work I was doing.. My work is getting attention from everyone, and I’m increasingly leading meetings in front of directors and senior directors. I’m thinking its time to up my dressing game a little.

I experimented and found one wardrobe that passes the managerial look really well… Jeans, black tee, and black suit jacket. I went out a couple of weekends with my female friends and they complimented me a lot. Problem is I don’t know if I’m technically supposed to wear a suit coat with casual attire. I went shopping for sports jackets but I really liked the more suit-like ones that were solid dark colors, made of cotton, and had smaller buttons.

Is it acceptable to wear a suit jacket (or suit-like jacket) with casual attire? I randomly saw a guy at the store wearing a suit jacket with jeans. Maybe I’m making a bigger deal but I don’t want to look fashionably ignorant…

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Answer by Nick
Suit jackets are a bit plain to wear with jeans. Go for houndstooth, tweed or velvet (possibly linen or seersucker if the weather is hot)

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