AUDIO TAKEN FROM THEIR FIRST ALBUM. ALBUMS TO GET(The OnlyOnes) (Even Serpents Shine)AND(Baby’s Got a Gun)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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@ringomountbatten1 blink 182 covered it

I think its funny with all these people getting mad about blink covering this song. Honestly they covered it because they liked these guys obviously and grew up with it. It wasn’t intended to be “better” just as a tribute to a band they liked. If you think it ruined this song your just a shallow minded moron plain and simple. It’s more of the old timers here who cant grow up and be mature about the whole thing. Christ its a song chill out.

Best song ever!!

@baboon2525 That gave me a laugh, thanks!

What a fantastic song.

“””how ’bout every one shut the fuck up, and enjoy the song?”””
But that’s why we all read the inane offensive YouTube comments eh? Because they’re inane and offensive and sometimes make you laugh, it’s like a microscope over society…….

@llanbo Hmmmm…… that’s a trifle rude, eh? But also the first laugh I had today………….

lower the damn rents, people power , topple the landlords , topple the bankers , topple the lot topple the ponzi with one act of non banking people power , lennon would be there backing us up for sure, johns dead , edward lear too , but this child of nonsense is just awakening , lower the damn rents .

blink 182 version is better but this one is awesome too!

Best Song Ever!!

Great song,cool band,lame video…

A definite contender for the greatest single of all time. If you don’t get goosebumps when the guitar comes in, you’re probably dead.

Blink182’s cover isn’t a disaster, I’m shocked to hear myself say, but really, it’s like comparing a child’s drawing with the Sistine Chapel.

A definite contender for the best song ever written – if the sound of the guitar coming in doesn’t give you goosebumps, you’re probably dead.

Blink182’s cover isn’t a disaster, I’m surprised to find myself saying, but it’s like comparing a child’s drawing to the Sistine Chapel.

@xXxCHARG3RxXx lol =D love ya too mate

@SirEerik Me too. Love you, bro. <3

@ycsk8kid I know. I didn’t know Blink did a cover though. Don’t want to hear it either.

@xXxCHARG3RxXx dude, calm down i was just joking man :O

@SirEerik Yet you proclaimed mine wrong, you fucking retarded asshole. Say ‘hi’ to your mom for me, by the way.

@xXxCHARG3RxXx really?? an opinion cannot be right or wrong…no shit sherlock 😀

@ringomountbatten1 only ones did it first, blink made a cover

@SirEerik Your face is wrong. And besides you retarded ape, an opinion is an opinion; it cannot be right or wrong.

I will take this opportunity to attack my own opinion.

@Naoideagnochatri blink 182 is the best band ever joined

@xXxCHARG3RxXx im sorry, but ur opinion is wrong.

@BassNerd10 you are stupid

@ballbreaker3000 What does that even mean? The first time I hear this song I thought it was referring to injecting heroin. hahaha

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