o#o $40 Motorcycle Armored Jacket Review – Fox Titan Motocross Clone [mv]{

o#o  Motorcycle Armored Jacket Review - Fox Titan Motocross Clone [mv]{

Can a Chinese knockoff of one of the most popular armored jackets be as good as the real thing? At , you could buy 3 sets of the knockoff TMS armor for th…

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Funny thing happened today, i was looking for armor in my neck of the woods
(East Europe) and i found one that looks exactly like the one you just
reviewed, except they are asking the equivalent of $60 for it, shipped (but
hey we have 24% tax)

It’s called the “HARD RAPTOR L SERIES” , here is a picture from the actual
ad http://www.accesoriiautosimoto.com/img/raptor/armuraraptor.jpg
and apparently the full price (it’s “on sale” right now) is around $160,
now i’m pretty sure that’s marketing BS and it’s just another clone.

Now i’m not an offroad rider (my current bike can’t take it, but my next
one will) but an armored jacket like this and a normal cheap jacket over
it, is cheaper and probably more protective then a normal motorcycle
jacket. What are your thoughts on that ? that’s pretty much what CycleCruza
is also doing and he rides a sports bike.

After seeing your review of it i’m hesitant of buying it because of the
difficulty of removing it. I’m gonna have to look around some more.

P.S. i found another clone on eBay in case any international people wanna
buy it, it’s ~ $40 (+ any local tax) http://www.ebay.com/itm/360654308217
for some reason ebay is full of the 2 models you reviewed.

Wow, I just bought this from T-Motorsports, shipped from the US to the UK,
with some $12 knee pads, and it was cheaper than buying a lower quality
armour jacket from eBay in the UK. RIDICULOUS! 

I have the FOX Armour, and a large fits a large frame, and the mesh is
smaller with double stitching, and sometimes you get what you pay for. I
only paid 125.00 for it in Canada, whipped out a shit load of times, and it
is still good to go. Also, it is easy to take off even when sweaty. Case,
and point, pay for the good stuff, as it will save you money in the long

I have that same 1 and it is almost an exact clone of fox except on arms
the fox is single strap the clone is double but I paid $29.95 for mine from
tms on ebay and your right on size get a size larger but with me I have to
sew on more Velcro on kidney belt since im skinny n tall with long arms but
I usually wear a medium I got the large and the arms still need to be a lil
longer but works feels like it will stretch some but big but the kidney
belt is to big for my belly it barley grabs at end of velcro to somewhat be
not tight enough but easy fix I need to just sew on more velcro for custom
fit to me totally worth it for protection on normal man budget safety gear
is way overpriced its made to save lives but 90% of riders don’t wear
because they cant afford it 

Why would anyone spend $40 on their life? I learned that in life you buy
the finer things and if you can afford it you wait and save and buy the
better of everything! Ok it is armor but wilk never be a dianese,
aloinestars,thor, I think people think?

ty for this video i was going to buy a fox armor or thor armor after
watching i saif fuck it but the cheap shit and have ce pads stiched behind
the cheap ones

Thank you for the great reviews! Actually speak of cheap but OK quality
motorcycle armor like that, Banggood sells a lot.
http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Motorcycle-Apparel-c-1652.html You can
find more here.

‘Preciate this.

Poc Sports Spine VPD 2.0 jacket on ebay auction brand new one off

Thanks for the review. Just ordered it from TMS website to Montenegro
(Eastern Europe) – $40 with shipping. Avoid Amazon worldwide shipping for
this product, they asked $120 just for postal fees.

you could probably take that thing to a tailor and get a new kick butt


The link says it’s $26.

I ride a cruiser old school would that fit under a leather jacket or is it
to bulky? I am looking for some good knee and elbow pads I mean knee and
elbow only not knee and lower leg, not elbow and forearm I needs some thing
reasonable I have been looking at the pod MX KXXX patella by pod $30 with
shipping and something called dark guards by castle enterprise same price
with shipping both on Amazon have you heard of either? I have the website
will check out the body armor.

I just lately bought a used pair of Dainese Visoke used boots that are
great and after watching your review I think I would just go for the spine
protector…having to take that off looks like its just too much work and
my jacket has elbow pads

Oh definitely! I wear jerseys over my armor almost all the time. This mesh
is just “wide” enough that I’m thinking a sunburn might occur without some
extra coverage.

Yeah the sewing is pretty lousy and the zippers on the shoulders are pure
garbage… but yes, for $40 this is definitely a cheap insurance policy for
your skin! 🙂

I could see that being really nice for short distance summer commuting. It
gets dang hot out here in the Southwest, but I try to be a stickler about
not leaving home without my armored jacket on. Having armor that you can
wear on top of your t-shirt and not add much warmth would be nice. Also,
have you tried sprinkling baby powder or Monkey Butt powder on your arms
before trying to take it off?

I haven’t heard of the pod gear or dark guards. I feel more comfortable
with a full armor jacket because it doesn’t have to be really tightly
strapped to no slide around. I think this might fit alright under a jacket,
but the armor is fairly bulky and may hang up. I find that problem even
when removing my backpack, it sometimes catches on the armor pads.

We do batman roll plays. ;D BWAHAHAHAHA!

I need both and if I got the bike first I would ride It before I had a
jacket or a street helment. I would throw on the off road helmet and ride.

That is an absolutely fantastic idea! I’m also thinking of getting a black
underarmor shirt to … well… look like Batman. No shame in it. Batman
rules! 🙂

Well I did eat dirt in the cheaper one at 50mph and came out relatively
unscathed. Government safety certificate or not, I’m a believer 😉 I also
crashed straight into a bush (there was sand, lots and lots of sand) with
this new set and didn’t feel a thing except for between my helmet and
shoulders. It scratched my neck pretty good, but all in all I thought it
would be worse.

bought one of these armors, and TMS definitely makes it a few sizes too
small. showed it to my mom who is a seamstress and she says the
construction is terrible. hard to argue though for $40. I’ll just have to
find a better size. that turtle design spine protector is impressive.

Could probably shop around for a good zipper then replace the OEM one.

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