Our Song ASL

Taylor Swift “Our Song” expressed in American Sign Language. Meant to do it long ago, just forgot about it. Anyway it’s up now, hope you like it! Lyrics: I w…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Hey there! I thought you did a fantastic job! And I like it too at those
times you smile 🙂 Well, as Taylor Swift would say, “Stay beautiful” !

oh ok lol

@HaleyBittyGirl lol how old is he

@HaleyBittyGirl 🙂 want more of mine, and maybe sub?

@Msanythinggoes 5!

this is amazing 🙂 awesome lol

@Msanythinggoes Hahaha, yeah, I heard one of her older songs on the radio
the other day, and I was like, this came out before my brother was even

i LOVE it. yuh did an amazing job 🙂

@pookymuffin101 Thanks, I love your videos too!

@STArR287 Thank you! It’s my Daddy’s favorite =)

@brickey16 Thanks!

@lilern34 Thank you sooo much! I worked really hard to make this video
happen, ad I’m glad you enjoyed it! =)

Omgee loved it took me back like four years lol

@HaleyBittyGirl 🙂 wach more of mine, and maybe sub?


awesome 🙂

@greenandskyblue Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

Love this….. Bless you baby girl

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