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INSTAGRAM: Pautips Outfit 1♡ Vestido negro- Forever 21 Collar dorado- Forever 21 Tacones- Stradivarius Blazer floral http://www.sheinside.com/White-Notch-Lap…

just got done with the 2 week long cam swap. i think it sounds AWESOME!

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Ya vi -_-

Hola! Yo seee pero es que siento que me ahorca jajaja 😀

¡Me encantaron todoooooos! ¡Tienes lindo gusto! Me gustaría que hagas más
videos de ejercicios de piernas y cola :O ¡Tienes piernas envidiables Pau!

hola pau puedes hacer un video de como tener piernas de ensueñoo!!!super
lindos todos los blazer los ameeee!!!

me gusta el segundo ! 🙂


Amo mucho mucho tus vídeos 3

El segundo outfit está hermoso!!!

No es que el cuadro se moviera , es que ella movió el espejo mientras que
modelaba y hace parecer que lo que se mueve es el cuadro :), muy linda toda
tu ropa 🙂

Tienes muy buen gusto 🙂

Pauu me encanta tu gusto te quedaron geniales estas opciones! Saludos desde
Venezuela =)

No tengo un blazer basico negro en mi closet… Buuuu

Hola! Me han encantado las combinaciones. Sólo decirte que el collar no se
lleva así sino pegadito al cuello, es estilo “egipcio”.

Me encantaron 🙂

a mi tambien a veces me parece un poco aseñorada.. bueno es q mi estilo es
mas casual, y el blazer de flores esta horrible! a mi no me gusta

pau estan super divinos los outfits oye has un video sobre como comprar la
ropa perfecta para nuestro tipo de vida

hermosa!! me encantaron todos los outfits!! saludos

Muy linda y elegante

Me enamore de la primera blazer. Esta hermosa!!! -Karla Mi Nuevo Vídeo: 3
Maquillajes Para Regreso A Clase

Chicas hermosas las invito a mi canal! Ayudame a llegar a los 2000
Suscriptores 😀 QUE EMOCIOOOOOON! Soy de Venezuela pero vivo en Los Angeles
Hago videos de maquillaje, cabello, uñas, cocina, vlogs y mas!
Graciaaaaaaaaaaaas por tu tiempo! Ayudame a cumplir mis sueños!! Please

Tan bobos. Lo que se mueve es el espejo, no el cuadro.

Geniales todos Me encanto el de la falda larga

Pau, Sabes si es cierto que NYX va abrir una tienda en el CC santafé? O.o

Muy lindo el que no me gusto fue el #3 ubiese quedado mejor con un chort
negro, y ya falda quedaria mejor sin el blazer y si la blusa es manga larga

Vivo en neiva y hace demaciado calor porque no hCES OUTFITS para tierra

how much was everything ? id rather cam my truck then lower it haha that is
my next project

@jlostrander82 gotcha.did the cam make a hell of a difference

@dtpchilli4life well i had this motorcycle and i drove it like a crazy
maniac. i live 2 miles from where i work and would hit over 100mph on the
way to work. i ended up trading the bike in on a 2005 gmc sierra. only
problem was i still owed money on it. so i had to use this truck to counter
the money i owed. yeah it sucked. bad. i brought my son home from the
hospital when he was born in this thing. sad sad. he even keeps telling me
about “his blazer” and how cool it was

@V8ERMANN i used 2 inch springs and 2 inch spindles for a 4 inch drop up
front. and 3 inch leaf springs and 2 inch drop blocks for 5 inches in the
back. if i still had this thing i think that i would go an inch more front
and rear. but then i would really need a c notch.

sweet blazer i have a 95 with the tune port h.o. motor i want to put a cam
in it. did you use any kind of stall converter in it after the cam or the
stock one handle it ok?

its the comp cams 270 cam

does a turn down or dump pipe make an exhaust sound better vs a tailpipe
out the back or side? thanks

@zig69420 its the comp cams 270 ahr. COMP Cams 56-460-8

@951prerunner wheels are 17 inch cragar soft 8s. tires are 275 45 out back
and 245 45 up front. i really like simple. if there had been some really
good lookin factory wheels out there for it i probably woulda got those.
but i do like these.

@24pointbuck i got em from summit. they are cragar soft 8s. they got em in
chrome, grey and black if i remember right

@Razor61969 yep vortec 4.3

What kind of wheels are those.

what can did u you put in it like brand and how much?

So what mods have you done to the exhaust? Because I have a 95 vortec 4.3
sonoma that’s got 272 lift cams in it and just a little magna flow but I
want it to sound loud and beastly like that

It’s comp cams 270ahr for the 4.3 vortec

@bb3360 it gets 18mpg around town and 21 on the high way

those are cragar soft 8s. 17inch

@flexinblazer622 all i HAD to do was change the valve springs. however i
also changed the timing set, and the water pump as well just in case. as
far as performance parts i always get my stuff at summit. and if you need
advise go on s10forum.com. guys there are awesome.

@jlostrander82 ok thanks 1 last thing, how much hp gain?

@RichardSoullie i like the way it sounds better because it makes it ehco
alittle bit. it does drone when youre drivin down the road tho.

are you in the navy? if so what rating

What year is your blazer

What cam did you put in?

Nice. That ought to make your tires fill the wheel wells a little better. I
have stock first gen 2wd wheels on mine right now and the gap is
ridiculous.. I like the offset look though, so I’m thinking I want wheels
with less backspacing than corvette wheels. Your ’90 like a typhoon without
the body kit? 2.8 v6? I have a ’91 sonoma that just seized, iron duke
finally called it quits lol, I’m tempted to v8 it but not sure yet.. Kinda
want something different.

@dtpchilli4life if i drop it any lower its gonna be an inch max. id like to
get some jtr setback plates for the back wich means im gonna want to lower
the front just a teeny tiny bit. i actually also have a 1990 jimmy 2 door
in my garage that im working on. it used to be 4×4 but it has been
converted to awd. im giong to lower it 3 inches in the front and 3 inches
in the back. thats what i have heard is the most that the cv joints can
take. you should look into some vette wheels

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