Ways For You to Attract Beautiful Women

by Ed Yourdon

Ways For You to Attract Beautiful Women

Most men would love to have the ability to attract beautiful women. Why else would magazines with beautiful women on the cover sell so well to men? Yet, this does not seem to be a real possibility for the average guy. The average guy seems to believe that he has to deal with average women as his only possible options. Then there are the guys that do get it. These are the ones that despite not having a lot of money or the best looks, are able to gain the attention and the attraction of sexy women almost wherever they go.

What are some ways that YOU can make this YOUR reality?

1. Don’t limit your options. Just because you don’t think that you earn enough money or that you do not have the luxury car in the parking lot, don’t let that keep YOU from approaching an attractive woman when you see her. You might be surprised at the reaction that you get when you are able to approach a woman and confidently start a conversation with her.

2. Practice, practice. The more times that you get comfortable approaching women, the better your results will be. The shy guy that sits in the corner and does nothing at all but have a look, is NOT the one that gets to date beautiful women. You have to be able to take charge and not mind if you fail once in a while.

3. Work on building rapport. When you can gain enough rapport with a woman right off the bat, you won’t have to worry about all the little details. You will be able to spark attraction with a woman and keep her attention on YOU.

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Spotted on the chemical storage shelf in an adjacent laboratory. Now where did I put the MSDS?

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The call spock button is a nice touch as well 🙂

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Your Body Is A Wonderland

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Christmas Dinner

by drurydrama (Len Radin)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Christmas Dinner

I’m not quite sure why I never thought about it before. I suppose many people never consider it. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own lives, going about our daily activities and seldom giving any thought to what is happening on the other side of the world.

As Christmas approaches, I got to thinking, there is little doubt about what will be on the menu Christmas day at my house … but what do other folks around the world eat on the 25th of December. I decided to find out, and you may be as surprised as I was at some of the dishes! Here’s a small sample of what other people are eating on this special day.

Czech Republic – fried carp and potato salad are the traditional meal in this eastern European country.

Germany – suckling pig, macaroni salad and rice porridge, plus a variety of sweets and baked goods.

Poland and Ukraine – a ritualized and elaborate meal which consists of 12 meatless dishes.

Mexico – tamales, rice, green chilies stuffed with cheese and a sweet drink called atole.

Portugal – cod fish and baked potatoes are the main fare.

Russia – meat dumplings followed by an array of pies and cakes.

Spain – starters such as salmon or prawns followed by homemade soup. The main dish is usually cod or shellfish.

Italy – as usual the Italians know how to live. A 7 course meal which starts with salads and moves right on through to roasted meats, pastas, puddings, fruit and cheese and winds up with chocolates.

Japan – believe it or not, the favorite is a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, followed by strawberry shortcake.

While everyone may have a different type of meal to enjoy on Christmas day, we all have one thing in common; we all share one special day together.

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Flirting Body Language: 3 Flirting Body Language Signs Of Attraction

by Eleventh Earl of Mar

Flirting Body Language: 3 Flirting Body Language Signs Of Attraction

During pre-historic times, humans already have a way of applying flirting body language to show the opposite sex that they like what they see. Of course, we were a bit more frank then, and the codes were easier to decipher. Nowadays, we have already learned the art of subtlety, which makes the whole thing more challenging and exciting.

Over the years, man’s flirting body language has evolved into something more mysterious. We have even forgotten our ancestors’ direct-to-the-point ways – only using those skills on a purely unconscious level. Below are some examples to help you along.

Flirting Body Language # 1: The Hand That Feeds You

Some people like to flirt with others by feeding them fruit or a bit of cake from their own hand or utensil. Usually, this practice is done by lovers. However, more guys and girls are now starting to adopt the sweet gesture and use it to their advantage.

Of course, this flirting body language sign of attraction can also backfire. For one, it can surprise them if they are suddenly being offered the spoon. Such instances can result in awkwardness. If you find yourself unable to eat from the other person’s fork, simply take the utensil for yourself to avoid embarrassment.

Flirting Body Language # 2: Preening Material

When a woman leans in close to fix a man’s tie, there is a high probability that she is flirting with him. This flirting body language sign of attraction implies that she wants that man to look his best and that she wants to do that for him alone – to nurture and protect him.  

Men also have their own version of the tie-fixing action. Notice that they often tuck a few stray strands of a woman’s hair behind her ear or simply let their fingers glide through them.  

Flirting Body Language # 3: Goodnight Kiss

Friends or acquaintances who kiss you goodnight could also be a flirting body language sign of attraction. These people would like to know you better and would like to step over their usual boundaries.

It could be a light peck on the cheek or perhaps even a kiss on your hand. While guys tend to be more daring, girls are also stealing their share of kisses as well.

Flirting body language has certainly developed over the years – and not surprisingly so. After all, man has evolved from convening in caves to meeting up in bars and parties. It’s time for you to open your eyes and look to the future as well.

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The clip gives a general overview of the way of being with horses connected to body awareness. Please find more: www.hempfling.com – The development of the rider’s “presence” and an orientation to holistic principles is integral to this work. Klaus has the ability to “know” a horse within…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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QI, Series G: Episode 15 – Green (Part 2/3)

The fifteenth episode of the seventh (or “G”) series of the BBC comedy show QI (all about things green), as first broadcast on Friday 26th March 2010 at 8.30pm on BBC1, hosted by Stephen Fry and accompanied by guests Bill Bailey, Danny Baker and Jeremy Clarkson, alongside regular panellist Alan Davies. For more QI-ness, please visit the QI Blog at qitalk.blogspot.com and the official QI website at http For more Gluben-ness, please visit The Gluben Blog at gluben.blogspot.com You can also find me elsewhere! Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Google Buzz: www.google.com


Check out these humour images:

Image by Philo Nordlund

Image by Mark Lewis
No, this isn’t my photo. It’s been floating around the Net for a few years now. I thought it was appropriate for my new Absolutely Hilarious group. If the original creator of this masterpiece happens by, I hope they post a full size image to the group.

Facebook Pickup Secrets – How To Create MYSTERY

by K!T

Facebook Pickup Secrets – How To Create MYSTERY

We all know that MYSTERY is an integral part in attracting sexy women. But many men have absolutely no idea what REAL mystery is or how to portray it PROPERLY… especially in their online dating profiles.

Portray mystery correctly, and you’ll have all the attraction you need to escalate your interactions to the next level. To be honest, in all my experience seducing women, portraying that element of mystery is one of the most sure-fire ways to build up a physical relationship…

So how can this be done?

First, mystery simply cannot be conveyed unless you have conveyed high value. Think about it from a girl’s perspective if you can… are you going to want to find out more about something if you know that there’s going to be NO value in the end?

Of course not!

The analogy that I like to use is the “Movie Preview” one… think of how mystery is portrayed in one of those movie trailers. They show some of the BEST parts of the movie but then… WAIT… it stops! They cut it off when the seemingly BEST part is about to come.

That’s exactly what you need to do in your real life interactions and your online dating profiles! Let me give you an example…

Say you’re filling out your “interests box” and you want to spice it up a bit… you can say like…

“And my greatest and most passionate hobby involves mixing fancy SPORTS CARS and… something else. 😉 I’m not telling at this point!.”

See what I mean?

You convey value at first by saying that you’re into FANCY sports cars. This, in turn, conveys that you have a passion in something very exotic. This is VERY appealing. Then, of course, you finish it off by saying that you aren’t telling.

I mean, there are tons of other examples… but you get the gist. Every good profile will have at least ONE of these.

Compel women to message you!

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