Double Your Dating – An Objective Look at David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating Phenomenon

Double Your Dating – An Objective Look at David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating Phenomenon

The Double Your Dating eBook has its origins from David DeAngelo (real name Eben Pagan)’s article in the seminal seduction e-newsletter called Cliff’s List. Under the pseudonym “sisonpyh” (which is “hypnosis” spelled backwards), he wrote an elaborate piece on his theory of attraction and introduced the concept of “cocky funny”.

The article was an immediate hit and generated much interest in the seduction community. Intrigued by his theories, members of the community (also known as pickup artists, abbreviated as PUA) put the theories into practice and reported wildly successful results. David DeAngelo then expanded his article into an ebook, which is known as Double Your Dating today.

The Double Your Dating eBook is about 90 pages long, and is downloadable in the PDF format. It has nine chapters which fall under three major sections –

Section 1 – How To Think About Success With Women – David D delves into why women behave like they do, and the importance of inner game. This is where his teachings are different from other dating gurus who often prescribe ‘magic bullet’ solutions such as canned routines, lines and openers.

Section 2 – How To Communicate With Women – The nuts and bolts of Double Your Dating are here, with the introduction of his patented concept of “cocky funny”.

Section 3 – Exactly What, When And How – Tips and tricks on fascinating women (learn cold reading, cook a few meals, etc). Some solid stuff on the approach, email and number closing, as well as physical escalation.

What’s good about Double Your Dating

The concepts in Double Your Dating can be used either as a starting point for newbies in the dating game, or to enhance the skills of those who have more experience.
There is no need to memorize canned lines or hypnosis tricks which require lots of practice and prior knowledge (NLP) to pull off.
Ideas in Double Your Dating are probably ‘healthier’ than most other seduction systems out there as they emphasize on “inner game” and self improvement versus the “quick fix” approach of many other seduction gurus out there.
What’s not so good about Double Your Dating
No easy-to-follow, step-by-step structure that maps out the ideas in Double Your Dating. You’ll need to work extra hard to capture all the important points in the eBook and make them work for you.
To maximize the benefit from Double Your Dating, you will need a “mastermind group” to share ideas and experiences. Other products have their own ‘Mastermind’ communities, most notably Mystery’s Lounge, Speed Seduction on Yahoo Groups, and Real Social Dynamics’ private forums.

All in all, I would recommend Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ system, but Double Your Dating is as close as it gets to perfection. If you do decide to purchase Double Your Dating, remember to look out for the associated mastermind groups as well as ways to map it all out in a step-by-step system which makes it easier for you to follow.

Derek Rake is the creator of the Dating Doubler System ([]), the free, unofficial companion guide to David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating. Download a free sampler of the Dating Doubler System and also a limited edition review of David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating at []

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Body Language – Jesse McCartney

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Zoom Room Guide to Dog Body Language

A brief visual guide, created by the Zoom Room, to better understand the body language of dogs. Facial expressions and posture are examined both with isolated dogs as well as dogs at play or in other social interactions. It’s important for all dog owners to recognize when their pet is happy and relaxed versus nervous, worried or downright dangerous. The guide will also help you read other dogs that you and your pet might encounter, in order to best assess the situation. If you’re bringing your dog or puppy to socialize with other dogs at the Zoom Room, a dog park, or any other locale, this video will help you better understand and communicate with your dog or puppy, so that you can take the appropriate action, if necessary. Come Zoom!
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Big Avantages of Internet Dating – Why You Should Start Dating Online

Big Avantages of Internet Dating – Why You Should Start Dating Online

There are several advantages to online dating when it comes to actually trying to get girls. It is very much true that it is easier to get girls online than offline since you can develop some sort of relationship talking and then it would be more comfortable talking to the girl when you finally meet face to face.

The Fear Of The First Date

When it comes to online dating the fear of that initial first date is completely gone. There is no more stressing on what to wear or what to say as you have already talk to the girl for quite some time and you have build a nice relationship based on communication.

Love Has No Limit in Distance

Thanks to the power of the Internet and how people have fallen in love with online dating, one of the biggest benefits that brings people who are truly seeking someone special that they can relate to who may not necessarily be close in location but through the Internet it may sure feel like it. Now you see people dating who are in completely opposite countries but online dating gave them the opportunity to meet. Shy Guys Never Finish Last

Shy guys usually don’t get the time of day when trying to pick up a girl in person but thanks to the power of the Internet even the most shy loser guys can get a girl online by just sending the right message and having the right profile format set up.

Imagine these and many other benefits you get just from taking your dating online.

If I could show you the most powerful secrets on Dating Online and how to get gorgeous girls at the push of a button would you be interested? If so go to

Simon Kendal is a master pick up artist who has been studying the art of attracting women. He shows men proven methods to get any girl at any given time.

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Attract a Woman Fast

by ∞ jαγ

Attract a Woman Fast

Being able to attract women FAST is not a skill that every man is blessed with. You see guys all the time that seem to be able to hook a woman quick, and you want to be that guy. However, this is just NOT the way that it happens for you. You may wonder if there are any secrets that you should know about attracting a woman fast. There are. Most men will NEVER learn what it takes to attract women fast.

Here are a couple of tips:

1. You have to know WHY women are attracted to a man. It’s not the job, the car or the fat bank account that really attracts a woman to a man. It’s the way that a guy makes her feel. You have to be able to make her feel an intense attraction to you when she is around you. Otherwise, you are not going to be able to attract her fast.

2. You have to be able to flirt with her in a way that increases her attraction. She might be attracted to you from the beginning, but if you cannot increase her attraction for you, you are not going to get ANYWHERE. Most men are unable to make a woman’s attraction for them increase.

3. You have to be able to make her feel as if she is being swept off of her feet. Giving her that swept off her feet feeling is the key to making a woman feel an intense attraction to you. You are not going to be able to do this using cheesy lines or played out routines.

Want to know what really works to attract women FAST?

Get Your FREE Report that Details the 7 Most Important Concepts You Have to Know to Attract and Seduce Women.

Learn how to get the girl and get Dating Tips For Men

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1 Hour Muscles

1 Hour Muscles
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Scribble Scrabble Writing Journal for Kids
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Baby Gender – A Concern of Selecting a Baby Bedding Set

Baby Gender – A Concern of Selecting a Baby Bedding Set

If we are discussing about baby bedding sets, the options available are enormous. The overwhelming choices can make your shopping more complicated. But don’t worry, this article will help you to narrow down the choices with some most popular choices of themes and materials of baby bedding.

The sets mostly include a blanket, fitted sheet, crib skirt, and baby bumper. Since children like attractive and colorful theme, the sets are made in such a way that could bring joy and also served comfortable for them. There is different selection of theme for boys and girls. People tend to choose color and theme according to this gender division, in example; parents mostly choose pink color for their upcoming baby. If you were asking “how about parent who keep their upcoming baby gender until the day of birth?” The answer is you can choose the neutral gender bedding selections, which is meant to fit both boys and girls.

The most well-known color for girls is pink off course. In fact, you can find all baby products with pink color. The variety of pink is also available with different kind of tone. Other colors that can be picked for girls are cream and chocolate. For the theme, your baby girl would be thrill with the Princess bedding them, it will bring kingdom and fairy tales atmosphere to their room. The sets are offered in various delicate fabrics. You also use bright silk, velvet color and healthy cotton to make it even sweeter. With the detail pattern such as pink polka dots or flower garlands, it would be a nice and girly bedding set.

Meanwhile for boys, the common color is blue or black. But, you need to re consider if you were picking black color since it will bring gloomy mood when you use to many dark color for your children bedroom. And for the theme, you will meet numerous of interesting themes. One of the most wanted themes is jungle or forest theme. And if you are not into green, you can pick the sea or sky theme which fills the room with nuance of blue.

The most popular is indeed the gender neutral theme. Why? It like I said before, some parents choose to keep as a surprise their upcoming baby gender. In addition, the parent will not need to buy new set of bedding for the next baby whether it is a baby boy or girl. The color for this theme is also more varied, and you will not get stuck between pink and blue. Others colors for neutral theme are blue lagoon, brown bark, the combination blue and brown, cream, and chocolate. An example of this selection is Banana Fish Crib Bedding, you may find several different tone for this theme.

Today, it is easier to create perfect nursery room for your baby. Therefore, don’t forget that the main concern is safety and comfortable bedding sets and you can excite your children with their imagination by bringing the theme to their room.

Aim Assegaf is bedding enthusiast and enjoy to share his honest perspective about Children Bedding Sets and Bedding Themes.

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Approach Anxiety – A Lifelong Fear With a Simple Solution

Approach Anxiety – A Lifelong Fear With a Simple Solution

Approach anxiety has got to be one of the most common problems for many men in today’s society when it comes to picking up women. Once this fear has gone there is nothing stopping a guy picking up any girl he chooses whenever he wants to. All it then takes is to learn a few canned routines and off you go, improving along the way.

So what is “approach anxiety”? In simple terms approach anxiety is the irrational fear of approaching women. When I say “irrational” I mean that there is no real basis for men to react in this way when they want to approach a girl. Yes, they may have had a bad experience once where a girl had rejected them and ever since they have a problem with relationships in general but it is my belief that this fear is all down what we ‘associate’ to having a relationship with a girl.

What do I mean by this? Let me explain. If a guy was once rejected by a girl, publicly or otherwise, then that guy could then ‘associate’ a feeling of pain and rejection to either meeting a women, trusting a woman or maybe having a relationship with her. There is only one way of destroying this limiting belief and that is by facing your fear and developing a ‘thick skin’ so to speak.

Lets look at this more closely. How do we develop a “thick skin”? The simple answer is to get rejected more. “What?!? But ‘aint we trying to avoid approach anxiety here??” No, we are not. We are going to deal with the problem, not avoid it. The only way to destroy approach anxiety is to approach more women and if you get rejected just take it on the chin, smile and move on to the next girl.

Listen, every guy who has ever been successful with women has been rejected many, many times guaranteed! They just learn to deal with it and move on. That’s why now you can watch PUA’s approaching and opening 20 sets a night in the a club or bar easily. Obviously they have the skill set to back them up and the confidence to pull it off but they had to learn this too. I was reading the other day about one of Europe’s best pick up artists having never even kissed a girl until age 21!

This is what I want you to do and I promise you that you will be free of approach anxiety in no time. I want you to go out at least once a week and just practice opening up sets. Any sets. If there’s no one who catches your eye, so what!? Open them anyway. All we want is practice. Being sociable and talkative as a matter of course will greatly boost your confidence. You need to be opening at least 20 sets a week. Just open, make polite convo for a short time then make your exit. Thats it. Obviously, god forbid, if you actually find your having fun chatting to a group of girls continue on. Who knows, you might like it?

Try it. Open 20 sets a week for a period of around a month or two and you will find your approach anxiety will, if not totally disappear, diminish greatly.

Kyle O’Callahan is an established author with a passion for the art of seduction and pick up skills []. Kyle has recently produced and launched a product designed specifically to rid men of approach anxiety and sexual confidence issues. To learn more about “Seduction Audios” stop by the new site at []

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Reading Emotions Through Body Language

by James.McDowell

Reading Emotions Through Body Language

Effective communication does not just mean knowing the right words to say. Emotions and body language also play a very important role in getting your message across. In fact, body language says a lot about what you’re feeling and thinking as of the moment. People who are transparent could get themselves in trouble.

Most Hollywood celebrities and salespeople have already perfected the technique of keeping a poker face and staying still in the midst of a major hurdle (as with the case of gossip-ridden movie stars) or if they are being told something quite contrary to their point (as with people in the sales industry).

However, most of us do not have this skill of controlling our reactions to events and things said. Thus, knowing how to read a person’s emotions based on his or her body language and gestures is important for effective communications. Not only will this knowledge be able to help you rise above the pack, but also keep your nose clean.

How do you know if somebody is anxious, angry, happy, surprised, or sad by judging only his body movements? Here are some ways you can read emotions by observing body language.

If a person is happy he…

– smiles a lot. We might even find him doing a little skip as he walks.

– has relaxed facial muscles and fluid movements

– hums or sings to himself

If a person is anxious he…

– has a pale face and dry lips

– starts perspiring profusely

– fidgets a lot and has shifty eyes

– keeps shaking his leg or tapping his foot

– makes sudden movements after a while of being still

– stutters

If a person is angry he…

– pounds his fist on the table and uses a loud voice to speak

– clenches his fist and leans forward when talking to you

– bares his teeth and appears to be snarling as he talks

– has tense muscles

If a person is surprised he…

– suddenly opens his mouth (hence, the expression ‘my jaw dropped’)

– suddenly takes a step back

– widens his eyes or clamps his hand over his mouth

If a person is sad he…

– has trembling lips

– is not able to look you straight in the eye and sometimes even has tears forming

– slumps his body

– uses a rather flat or weak tone of voice

These are only a few of the indicators of the key emotions any human being feels. Some might even overlap. For instance, a person with shifty eyes may be either lying or just nervous; so, in order for you to effectively interpret what he is feeling, you have to take the context of the conversation in point.

When you think about it, part of body language reading is skill and part is sensitivity. There really is no clear-cut rule as to what kind of body language pertains to what emotion, but there are general signals that can be found in most people.

In short, reading body language does not take knowledge of rocket science. Because body language is part of daily living, anybody who does not exhibit any kind of body language is considered wooden, as with a mannequin that has just one expression and pose all throughout. Because we are humans, we succumb to our emotions sometimes. And it is through body language that we convey messages that we don’t have the courage to say out loud.

Michael Lee is the author of How to be a Red Hot Persuasion Wizard… in 20 days or less, an ebook that reveals mind-altering persuasion techniques on how to tremendously enhance your relationships, create unlimited wealth, and get anything you want…just like magic. Get a sample chapter and highly-stimulating “Get What You Want” advice at: He is the Co-Founder of and is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant. Alternative $$$

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When you lack the boldness that it takes to keep hot women on their toes and the freshness to start and build interesting conversations with women, you would think that dating and keeping beautiful women by an average looking man is unachievable. But the truth is that I have seen average looking guys, I mean ordinary dudes attract and sweep models of their feet. The difference between you and them is that they took time to learn and observed what a woman responds to. Click Link For Alternative.

One quality that women respond to in a man is confidence. When you are a guy full of confidence, a woman recognizes it and something in them makes them want to be close to you. When you are confident, you send out the message that you are in control. If you want to be successful with women, you’ve got to know that 90% of human communication is non-verbal. That means that if you are going to rely on your mouth alone, then success with women will keep eluding you. You must take time to learn how to communicate confidence with your body language. Women will respond to you 90% based on your body languages.
The first organ you need to control if you plan to get anywhere in your quest of attracting more women is your eyes. We all know that eye contact is important, but something funny happens when we make eye contact with another person; we become compelled to respond to them in some manner! When it comes to women, you can use eye contact to find out if she’s open to meeting you. In fact, in a way, she’ll be opening you! So here’s what you do. The next time you see a woman you want to meet, lock your eyes on her! Seriously, just stare at her eyes, even if she’s not looking at you. When people are out and about, they will usually look around to keep aware of their surroundings. This is an unconscious thing we all do. Eventually, the woman you’re locking onto will look around to scan the area.
When she comes to you, her eyes will inevitably meet yours, and you’ll be locked in eye contact. When that happens, simply smile at her. If she smiles back, guess what? She’s open to you meeting her! If she doesn’t, then move on to someone who is. And when she does smile back, say “Hi!” And if she responds – you’re in! Go right into your opener. Click Link For Alternative.

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