Lying Body Language – How to Read the Body Language of Liars

by James.McDowell

Lying Body Language – How to Read the Body Language of Liars

In conversations, especially in serious ones, you can’t help but assess whether someone is telling the truth or not. You do not know what your bases are for your assessment, but you just know it instinctively.

Is it possible to do something like that? Yes, through lying body language, which indicates whether a person is lying or not. By noticing lying body language, you can then distinguish the truth from lies.

Observing Lying Body Language

The human body sends signals unknowingly. These unconscious body signals are also known as body language. A person’s body language can give you a glimpse of his or her personality, nature and current state of mind.

There are several uses for body language, one of which is detecting whether a person is lying or telling the truth. Having knowledge in lying body language can greatly help you in your observation.

One of the most basic lying body language is eye contact. If a person you’re speaking with can’t directly look into your eyes, there is a big chance that he or she is lying.

In line with this, if you can observe that the person is a little nervous or quite uncomfortable, he or she may be lying.

When lying, there are times that his or her stories will lose consistencies and if this does happen, noticeable lying body language comes out – you can hear trembling in the voice or even shaking of hands.

Another lying body language signal is defensiveness. If you ask a person certain questions and he or she tends to answer through a joke or changes topic, there is a possibility that person is hiding something.

Once he or she answers the question, there is a big chance that the answer is a lie. Diverting attention and answering with jokes are two ways of buying some time to make up stories to cover the truth.

While lying, a person also has the tendency to touch any part of his or her face. Most often than not, he or she will touch the face, throat, and mouth. Scratching the nose and ears is also a prevalent lying body language.

Last, but not the least, a very good lying body language signal is stiffness or rigidity. You may be able to observe that the person is limiting his or her space of movement. You may also notice that hand and leg movements are limited.


Knowing lying body language will definitely help you notice whether a person is lying or telling the truth, since body language has been proven reliable to some extent.

However, these are actually just signs and may be misinterpreted sometimes. When reading lying body language signals, you should also consider other factors such as the mannerisms of the other party.

Knowing lying body language can also make you less detectable, but this shouldn’t be an excuse for you to lie. Nonetheless, if you know what behaviors to control when lying, then it will not be easy to read your body language whether you are telling the truth or not.

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Jump Tickets- Martial Arts With a Funny Twist

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Jump Tickets- Martial Arts With a Funny Twist


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Chil-Ki Choi directs the show. His credits include Cooking and working with the Korean National Mime Festival. Won-Kil Paek is the comedy director, and his credits include Woyzeck, Lee Jung Seop, The Story Of Picture Inside, Between Two Doors and Comedy Human. Famous Korean composer Dong-Joon Lee composed the music for the show and has also worked on the soundtracks of Korean films like Lost Memories, Brotherhood of War and Green Fish.

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The Power of Poker Tells and knowing how to read Body Language

The Power of Poker Tells and knowing how to read Body Language
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The Power of Poker Tells and knowing how to read Body Language

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‘Due Date’ is sour, mean-spirited

‘Due Date’ is sour, mean-spirited
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maria and the boat

A few nice Body Language images I found:

maria and the boat

Image by fabionascimento
Ilha Grande, Brasil – 2008

Latex mermaid

Image by lumkness

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4 Flirting Techniques You Must Learn – Here Is How To Make Hot Women Chase You Around

by Malingering

4 Flirting Techniques You Must Learn – Here Is How To Make Hot Women Chase You Around

Flirting is not just about complimenting women. You need to establish a sexual tension between the both of you, in order for you to get her to return your gesture. Remember, the more sexual tension she feels towards you, the more attracted she is to you.

So, here are a few simple, yet perfect flirting techniques that every man must learn in order for you to reel girls in. Read on to discover what and how they are done.

Be Cocky and Funny – The mixture of these two elements is a truly great tactic. The idea here is to boost your status in her eyes and with this you can make her do all the hard work just so she could get your approval on things.

Take this for example, if she has something in mind that you disagree with, challenge her statement (this is the cockiness part), but remember to do it in a teasing and playful manner (the funny part). This will surely build up a sexual tension for both of you.

Just remember though not to cross the line. There is a big difference between being cocky and being arrogant.

Create a Teasing Conversation – Your objective here is for her to see you as her possible lover and not her friend, so it can be wise for you to include sex as a topic during your conversations. Never be afraid to do this as girls nowadays are more open-minded. Just keep it leveled though. You do not want to sound like a maniac or a pig to her.

Talk Adventurously – Women love excitement, which means, the more adventurous you are in life, the more likely she will get attracted to you. Keep in mind not to brag about your accomplishments because this will surely turn her off. Instead, throw in some wild adventure stories while you are talking to her like crazy travel you did, road trips, etc.

Touch Her – Whenever the situation calls for it, make physical contact. Touch her hand if you want to make a point or take her hand when walking in a crowded street.

Now Listen Carefully-

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I am a very hyperactive writer and love to write on anything & everything which has to do with human psychology, relationship issues and lots more.

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