Paris Under the Waters: Piggyback Chances, Maybe Once in a Lifetime! (1910)

A few nice humour images I found:

Paris Under the Waters: Piggyback Chances, Maybe Once in a Lifetime! (1910)
Image by postaletrice
43. – Quand l’eau dans Paris faisait rage…

Vintage illustrated postcard by Xavier Sager, 1910, divided back, uncirculated, published by J.N., Paris.

© Casas-Rodríguez Collection, 2008. Some rights reserved.

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Librairie Jonas rue de Tolbiac, nouvelles photos
Image by fredpanassac
Espérons que les voleurs seront sensibles aux arguments pleins d’humour de ce libraire!

A pleasing distraction
Image by gwilmore
Taken during the late innings of a baseball game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres, when I found myself somewhat distracted from the action down on the field.

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The text reads in French:

Quand l’eau dans Paris faisait rage,
Les braves agents se rendirent très utiles.
En contribuant surtout au passage
De Parisiennes élégantes et subtiles.

Which translated to English reads more or less as follows:

When the water prevailed in Paris,
The brave officers were extremely handy.
Above all in helping to the crossing
of elegant and subtle parisians.

I like this a lot.

It must have ben very serious. I have copies of 4 postcards showing the floods at Choisy le Roi in my photostream in the France set.

Hola, soy el administrador de un grupo llamado Paris Belle Époque y nos encantaría agregar esto al grupo.

Triste, désespérant. La librairie va donc fermer ?

(Je ne vois pas d’humour dans cette affiche, mais je manque d’humour actuellement.)

Le libraire, lui, ça le fait rire, je crois plutôt qu’il est ironique!

De l’humour désespéré ?

Sylvie je pense que vous pouvez vous rassurer! comme le dit yann2bordeaux cette affiche est ironique car le libraire s’adresse à son voleur pour le remercier (comme le faisait Georges Brassens dans une de ses chansons! ;-))))
L’humour est souvent plus efficace que les insultes pour faire changer les comportements!

Ouf, merci, me voilà rassurée. J’avais vraiment peur que la librairie ferme vraiment !

Got to love summer…

Yes, and in this part of Arizona summer is about 10 months long! 🙂

Chercher la Femme
This photo deserves to be in Chercher la Femme.
May tag it "ChercherlaFemme"

This is a wonderful photo! She is in perfect clarity while everything around her is blurred. She is the focus! Great shot Garry!!!

Thanks, Donna! I kinda thought you’d like this one!

Excellent DOF. I love the lines in this picture, the knees, arms, and cap. Very nice distraction.

Indeed it was! 🙂

I see the view is the best part there :))

Tnx for your visits and favorites, has been good to see you around.

Indeed it was! Thanks for the visit and the fave. It’s good to see you, too.

Excellent! Fabulous DoF. Looks like you had great seats 🙂

Seen on your photo stream. (?)

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