Perfect Tactics Of Flirting – Here Is How You Can Easily Get Any Girl To Like You Within Seconds

by Bernard Garon

Perfect Tactics Of Flirting – Here Is How You Can Easily Get Any Girl To Like You Within Seconds

The term ‘flirting’, as Webster defines it, is the act of showing superficial or casual interest. Contrary to what many believe, it is actually healthy for people in the dating scene to flirt. Not only does it enhance self-esteem, it also gives them a wider view of the opposite sex and their characteristics. Men get to observe women, and vice-versa. Even the most romantic of relationships can sometimes start with some harmless flirting. Here are four flirting tactics to get you any woman you want.

Smile, smile and smile some more. This is the first and simplest trick. A smile is like an instant magnet, because it makes you look approachable and ready to mingle. No one wants a grouch. Keep your smile friendly and a little mysterious. By the way, grinning as if you were high isn’t exactly attractive, unless you’re attracting haters. Practice your smile in front of a mirror to perfect it.

Lock eyes with her. Want to seduce a woman without touching her? Undress her with your eyes. To do this, you must be able to maintain steady eye contact for most of your interaction’s time. Being eye to eye with a woman increases attraction from both sides. Looking elsewhere tells a woman you are unstable, nervous, or preoccupied with something else. Engage her in a direct gaze for as long as you can, and watch as she coyly looks away.

Employ magic openers. The success to a conversation with a woman you’ve just met is to let her talk, while you listen. You may be thinking, “That’s unfair.” But men were made to be of few words, remember? Magic openers are questions that encourage a person, a woman in this case, to speak up more. “What did you think of the movie?” allows her to talk about her opinions. “What was it like growing up in Tibet?” will make her share her experiences. This’ll give you a chance to work your magic. It’ll be refreshing for her to meet a guy who actually listens!

Don’t be afraid to touch. Touching is a great flirting tactic. It eases a woman, and lets her find her comfort zone with you. For instance, if while talking and some of her hair gets in her face, reach out and with your index finger (for subtleness) and tuck it behind her ear, lightly brushing your finger against her entire ear. This will definitely be stimulating. Even the slightest touch on her hand or an arm around her waist can send flickers of desire up her spine. But whatever you do, do not grope.

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