Picking Up Beautiful Women – Ways To Pick Up A Woman

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Picking Up Beautiful Women – Ways To Pick Up A Woman

Trying to master how to pick up beautiful women can seem like a tough thing to do. If you have ever felt the sudden, overwhelming rush of approach anxiety come over you, then you might assume that being able to pick up beautiful women is not for you. That for some guys, this might be easy, but you somehow just have to deal with the fact that you will NOT be able to pick up women.

That’s not the way that it has to be. You can pick up beautiful women, even if right now, that seems like an impossible thing to do.

Here are 3 ways to pick up women that you can use immediately:

1. Start a simple conversation. One of the reasons that a lot of men will find it hard or intimidating to pick up women, is that they think they have to come up with some perfect line that is going to make her suddenly melt in their arms. The pressure of thinking that you need a ‘perfect’ line is enough to make anyone feel approach anxiety.

2. Use a joke. An easy way to get a woman to open up to you is to make her laugh. Starting off an approach by joking with her can take the pressure off of you and the situation and make everything seem a little bit easier, a little bit more fun. Don’t underestimate the power to make a woman laugh as a way to pick up beautiful women.

3. Tease her. Even if you have just met the woman, you should be comfortable enough to tease her, to bust her chops a little bit. From the start, you will show her that you are not some guy that is just there to suck up to her. And, you also will create a bit of sexual tension with her, right from the start of it.

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