Picking up girls as Tony Montana

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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where the nick the pig lookalike that just responds with ok tony, yes tony


Has the accent but doesn’t sound like Tony Montana! Love the attitude man;
keep it up. 

**Tony Should Come To Bradenton,Lmaoo**

Not cool to swear in front of kids, tony montana should know better …

What is the music playin on 3:54 minute????

3:35 hahahahaah killed it xD

HAHAHA LOL I really enjoy this video!!!

you gotta try james bond next

really watchuuu got…. clamedia LMAO !

more like razor ramon from wwe picking up girls

Tony should go back to the barbers and get his beard shaved 

Dude don’t swear in front of little kids, otherwise very funny vid 

Manny next time …

“I got cocaine, where you going?”

This town like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked. 


im not a robber… just a drug dealer hahaha

AHAHAHAHA that shit was funny!

lmao Tom Cruise 3:08 !

damn faill

Pussy to the limit :D

Just die

hahahahaha :D

“In this country, u need to get d money first, then when u get d money u
get d power, then when u get d power u get d women, thats y gotta make your
own moves”

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