Pizza Delivery : Spider-man style!

Pizza Delivery : Spider-man style!

Just a scene from Spider-man 2. Being a super hero isn’t always easy.
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Man how I love this movie:)

Stupid bitch, why couldn’t see get killed by Doctor Octopus? Afterall, the
Polish taxi driver in The Incredible Hulk was an asshole and he gets killed
by Abomination later on in the movie (taxi into military jeep slam).

The CGI and costume is so awesome unlike the new spiderman movies.

Superhero movies the MARVEL way…nuff SAID!

why wtf did he let that bitch keep the pizza

that receptionist is a cu**. If that was me, i’d go back in the broom
closet,put on my Spidey costume, tell that receptionist ”fuck you” and
take off with the pizzas

“Enjoy the broken ribs, kids!”

*Swings away*

oh c’mon bitch. you’re paying for them whether you like it or not. Plus,
you know the only reason he was late was because of your cleaning shit. He
went through a lot of hell to bring you your damn pizzas. The point is,
DOWN, AND PAY THE FUCK UP YOU STUCK UP BITCH!!!!!! (Pizza to the face) 


It WAS pizza. Its all fuckin mush now

Hey look, Bones is the receptionist!

If it was me he coulda made the time maybe if he wasn’t in that damn

Hey it’s Bones!!

At 2:28, why was Peter in that closet to get upstairs to that
receptionist? Was he in his Spiderman uniform where he swung to an open
window to get inside and then changed back into his street clothes? 

Guy: WOW, He stole that guy’s pizza!! Me: LIKE A BOSS!!


isnt that ashy larry from chappelle show?


You know in the full view of the clip, I noticed that the clock said 2:05pm but then later when we see the clock again, it says
2:04 da hell?

Spider Man just saved Emma Ross from being hit by a car while he was
delivering pizzas

1;32 luke cage saying he stole that guys pizza

He stole that guy’s pizza

My brother loves your shows. 

what a bitch

1:31 best part XD

please keep me posted on when this black mens guide is available i will
soon purchase your other guides and systems my younger brother is just now
learning the power of presentation and he is a former division 1 football
player and ex scout for the minnesota vikings, masters degree in coaching
education and ohio university alumni and bright scholar. his advancement in
the corperate world i believe has been stunted and overlooked by these
juggernut sized programming spewed all over tv and movies and everywhere
grossly depicting black men as the most negative of society. he has come
against too many odds and been overlooked due to his natural state and his
lack of conformity to european unspoken rules of dress that i am sooooooo
THANKFUL you are unleashing to the public…..all men can choose to learn
more but i know black men need this it really hits home for me. thank you
antonio and grant harris PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN OR I WILL lol

Much respect for coming out with this! this is necessary for the african
american community

i have come to learn it is nice to be called sir……instead of hey buddy
or bra or bro…….when i wear a tailored suit with pristine tie bar and
pocket square and polished shell cordovan allen edmonds wintings with a
yugoslavic vintage lapel pin i get peoples attention and it commands
respect. i am not power dressed to intimidate i am just dressing to be
treated or at least viewed as a productive member of society.I take pride
in my natural hair in its natural state and as a black male descendant of
west africa my dark skin and kinky highly melainated broad nose and
athletic ectomorphic build is not huge but still viewed as agressive if i
dress in the old poor hip-hop attiare. i am looking forward to reviewing
this black mans guide to style because i have been looking over your
youtube channel for some time and i have gotten some of the best free
COMMUNITY………i believe that ones culture does not have to be lost in
dressing in a european style of clothing due to the fact we live in the
U.S. so i appuald and thank you dearly for your knowledge and this new
guide. i also make my own bowties from scratch after learning the power of
dress and how people have completely treat me different now that i engage
in dressing up everyday. tie everyday. over 200 ties i own and building a
massive wardrobe to always project the image i desire to be treated as.

as a black male straight designer and artist and art dealer and well versed
in dandyism and black male dandyism i am very eager to engage in dialogue
about this new product.I am 32 years young and i am at a turning point in
my life i just left a comfortable job at a fortune 500 national bank after
4 and a half years and in the past four year i have drastically changed my
image due to the constant profiling and pre-judgement i seem to triumph
over everyday. i have built a wardrobe from my own research and passion as
a sartorial minded gentlemen but i still engage upon seemingly endless
negative stereotypes on television(which i don’t
watch),instagram,facebook,twitter,and in countless billboards and magazine
ads continually depicted us black males as either rappers, or dancers, or
athletes, or crimminals, or degenerates……..this has been a constant
pressure that did not seem to affect me much until i began to want to
advance in corperate environment. I made it a personal belief and lifestyle
to never leave my home without a tie on…….365 days a year seven days a
week winter summer spring fall. casual days i always wear a tie and it is
to convey a sense of respect for myself and for others.

do you guys have a twitter? or on other social media sites 

So first you have to define “too white” before you can know how to dress.
Does dressing “too white” mean you don’t have your pants hanging off of
your ass so people can see your underwear? Does dressing “too white” mean
that your clothes are clean and presentable; shoes shined? Don’t be this
generous with your ignorance with a comment like this if you want some
serious tips on how to dress like a damn man no matter what your race
happens to be.

Are black people supposed to dress differently? I don’t get it. I’m not
black by the way.

Hispanic!! Yeah!!

You and that Entra Vasarian idiot must be attending the same Klu Klux Klan
meetings. Both of you ignorant fucks have taken this simple video on
fashion tips for men of color and turned it into an idiotic discussion
about the legs, torsos and shoulder widths of Blacks and other men of
color. This kind of bullshit is exactly why racism is alive and well in the
United States.

too funny

It will!

Great! Ive been waiting for something like this. I really enjoy all of your
style videos Antonio but I a segment more geared toward dark skinned black
men is definitely a must. I personally would like to know: what kinds of
colors look the best on black men; ive notices most of the stereotypical
“good looking” black men are bald so do all black men have to be bald in
order to be “good looking”; and should black men wear brown suits, more
generally what suits looks best on black men?

I think this approach is great. Makes me feel a lot more confident. I am of
African American descent, and it is really hard, for me, to find a style
that fits my personality. Something other then the hip-hop style. Yeah,
that don’t fit me at all.

Make sure to signup for the early list – we are opening it up in early May!


WHY does colour matter????? Style is style!

I think an aspect to add in this program would be some advice on how upper/
middle class African Americans should dress/present themselves, so that
they don’t maintain a lowerclass “Hood” image. I think this is what most
succesful/becoming successful African Americans want. They don’t need their
customers/ect to know that they are not from the hood or just out of
highschool. These people will be successful college graduates who may not
have spent their college years maintaining their image.

This is so wonderful and positive. ! I am very pleased to see something
being done to uplift rather mem of all shades!

Where is it!

I would like dressing tips for bald young men. Men who lose their hair in
their teens. They often feel that certain clothes don’t look good on them
as they are stuck between young clothes fit for kids with huge frizzy waxed
hair, and to adult clothing, making them appear to formal and boring.

Grant and I have a whole section on this!

Great! Until then i’ll continue watching. Thanks.

I have always watched your videos and felt that the style tips could be
applied to any man. I don’t think you need a completely new course for
black men. I think you should stay with one message, one vision that does
take cultural differences into account but at the very core has a universal

ITs about time!!

I like your videos and have learned some stuff from them, but how about
style for the Indian/brown man?

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