poor pop tart

Some cool joke images:

poor pop tart
Image by bunchofpants
I didn’t make this–Atypical Normalcy did. See, a stupid woman in our building put some pop tarts in a toaster oven and walked away. The pop tarts started to burn and the fire alarm went off, so the building was evacuated and the the fire department had to come out. Then the same stupid woman did it AGAIN! So now toasters and toaster ovens are banned from our building, and I can’t make my favorite lunch of bagels with cream cheese and sprouts. I tried to get Atypical Normalcy to hang this in the elevator, but he was chicken, so now it hangs in my cubicle.

Such a tease
Image by Steven Vance
Oh, Portland, you’re such a tease. You’re no Amsterdam, but in my experience, it seems like you’re America’s next best thing.

As seen near baggage claim 5 in the Portland airport.

The Gun Moll of Frankenstein
Image by Felix_Nine
Just playing about with the Gnu Image Manipulatioin Program.

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HA! this one is fantastic!

the new pop tart commercials sometimes depress me. you know, the ones where they get tricked into being eaten? but this one i like!

what? what? I wanna see these Merikan poptart adverts – i like pop tarts.

i’ll see if i can find any. (i think they depress me because i need meds. HAHAHAHA!!)

I like the one with the pop tart on the boat. When The boat hits land the people say "Welcome to Hungary!"
Hee hee

sad story by the way. sorry.

I think they should ban the stupid woman.

LAUGHING!!! yeah, but if you think about it too much, kimbo, lots of cartoons are sad. ;D

i actually think the pop tart ads are pretty funny. i don’t know why they make me sad… ;D

oh, ads, btw, groc. you have to turn off your pop up blocker though. 🙁

I haven’t seen the new commercials … a co-worker says they are on Cartoon network, and we only have basic cable.

What about a Panini Press?

We had the same problem after a Wicken burned up his office with a candle.

That is both sad and hilarious.

You could make a killing with a black market toasting operation. Just smuggle it in under the guise of ‘hand warmer’.

thanks to rakka i’ve seen them all now. wheeeeeee!

Oh, just in case there’s one person in the world who hasn’t seen this: a pop tart that didn’t pop.

I was the one person who hadn’t seen iy–thanks for the link!

i was the second person who’d never seen it.

Personally, I’m a big fan of flaming processed pastries as performance art. I think this woman ought to apply for an NEA grant. Popt Art.

that’s funny…."Pop Tarts. Crazy Good."


Did you ride away from the airport?

We took the train from the airport to 82nd Ave station and then got on a bus that took forever to get near my host’s house. My host had told me of a better way, but I forgot to write it down and it was kind of lost in his email to me. My bad!

Well you got there so its all good 🙂

Cool ad and pic, I just Maxed to the airport for a family vacation but missed that one! Hey… how’d you like to join my website Unpollute.ning.com ? (ran across your link on BikePortland, if you were wondering…)

really cool poster, obviously 😉

…but I recently heard Minneapolis is the next best thing? Or was it Davis, CA? 🙂

@Amsterdamize: Bicycling magazine is a collection of glossy garbage.

hahahahahaha I’ll take your word for it 🙂

I think I’ll take a California vacation and visit Berkeley, Davis, and San Francisco. And still working on planning an Amsterdam, et. al. vacation.

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