Q&A: Andre Miller, Blazers?

by dalechumbley

Question by bandwagon fan™(T.D.): Andre Miller, Blazers?
now that andre is with blazers what do the blazers get out of this deal?

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Answer by Jarrod
If you’ve ever seen this guy play, you can see the Chauncey Billups in him. He’s gonna pace the offense and provide Brandon Roy with a guy who can slash to the basket with ease like Roy can. Clutch free-throws and a good assist to turn-over ratio for Miller too. I think this makes the Blazers as good on offense as the Lakers.

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A Point Guard that can’t shoot and is a good passer.

A proven and veteran playmaker. They needed it. Though they have 2 other but young point guards namely Steve Blake and Jarryd Bayless. The Blazers may eventually trade one of them.

A pretty good pickup.

Andre Miller has probably lost a step or two, but he still a very productive PG.

He makes smart decisions, and makes everyone else plays better.

Blazers needs a veteran leader, who can calm a young and talented team.

It’s a good fit.

But, in my opinion, they should of pursued, Kirk Hinrich.

A younger PG. A better defender. A better outside shooter.

blazers manager wants look like he signed sumone gud after being snatched twice from hedo, and milsap

A seasoned vet that brings minimal offense and no defense, the blazers don’t need another shooter they needed a big defender that could strengthened their defense.

Miller is a smaller Brandon Roy without a shot. He is a good player, but Steve Blake fits the Blazers’ offense, and Miller doesn’t. Blake has the ability to allow Roy to create and spot up for a shot. Miller can’t do that, and it will hurt Roy’s development and production.They are more talented, but I don’t think Miller fits.

I think this is a good addition for the most part, but there are some possible issues with how he fits.

The Good: Miller is a veteran leader who steps it up in big games. He can create shots for himself and others. Portland really lacked anyone who could do this last year aside from Roy, and this was evident in the Houston series loss. He’s a strong powerful guard who can score from inside or from mid-range.

The Bad: Miller lacks range. He has never been a guy who can shoot from outside.This might constrict the floor offensively for a guy like Roy. Steve Blake isn’t a great player, but he complimented Roy well with his ability to hit outside shots.

Great deal

The Blazers now get a expirienced player with good leadership,skills and good game.Hes’ good passer,can create shots for him self and others,will play good pick n’roll with Oden,is good defender and driver to the rim.But the bad thing is that he isn’t a good shooter :((………….

Miller profits from this deal too.If he can put better numbers and his game becomes better with the Blazers fans they would be able to sent him to be an All Star.Portaldn has bigger fan base then Phily

I think it’s a good deal

Darko(D.Of H and Human Service)

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