Q&A: Are the guys who complain about “Western Women” the ones who can’t find a girl?

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Question by : Are the guys who complain about “Western Women” the ones who can’t find a girl?
Because it seems so. Most women aren’t obsessed with feminism and all of those types of things. I’m sure many men like a girl with an education, but even then, many American women are not highly educated or looking for a great career. Why do they go so far out of their way to ignore this, and say things like “Western women are…..>>insert stereotype here<<". If they met or knew more women, wouldn't they know this wasn't true? Lmao - Nice try, but I am attractive and I get enough attention from guys to know it. @Mad Max, isn't it an attempt to shame the Western woman when these men (like you have) mention Eastern women and compare the two? Its like they're trying to shame us for their own insecurities about their manhood and what feminism has done to their ego as a male. Best answer:

Answer by Mad Max
No as there is always eastern girls.
Don’t assume your common and childish attempt at a shaming tactic has any relevance to what men feel about political feminism.
I am sure most men respond to feminism the way they do because they simply don’t agree with it. Things are really that simple sometimes.

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Look, I’m a good looking guy in my 20’s and I have my fair share of good looking western women to choose from. But one trip to Thailand and my entire view on western women changed. I can easily find a western woman, I just don’t want one. Why would I? Western women have big frames like men, big broad shoulders and aggressive attitudes. They are always so quick to lash out and prove that they “aren’t going to take any crap from men”. Asian women don’t have anything to prove. They are comfortable being women and play the role well. Those girls I saw in Thailand are knockouts compared to western women. If they were in USA, they’d be the types that only billionaires would get with. They put all western women to shame. Plus Asian women age very well, so I know they won’t turn into some big bon bon-eating peg bundy cow in 20 years. They are graceful and feminine, and western women are clumsy and aloof. Why would any guy who’s had a taste of heaven, want to go back to earthly things? Why would I want a broken down Ford over a shiny new Lexus? Sorry, but they are just better. Your days are numbered.

“Lmao – Nice try, but I am attractive and I get enough attention from guys to know it.”

Aaaaaaaaaaand here’s your sign.

After thoughtful consideration,I have concluded that the fellas who complain about “Western Women” are not only strongly attracted to “western women”, whatever that means, have a deep seated inferiority complex. Domination is the dynamic here, and most western females have eschewed being dominated. Small penises coupled with lack of economic resources just do not have a chance.

LOL! And feminists complain about ‘blaming the victim’!

Feminism has created a culture where women fear and disrespect men (e.g. ‘all men are rapists’, or ‘a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’) so don’t let’s act all surprised when women don’t want to have relationships with men until the last possible moment i.e. their fallopian tubes are getting too old to have kids

This question is a nice example of a feminist shaming tactic i.e. designed to stop men questioning feminism. All you have done is kicked men in the b*lls and call them losers for being in pain.

I don’t think think so, women have been very vocal in their bitching about men for a long time now and men have now arrived at the table to speak their minds about the women that bitch about them, thats all.

Like the poster below I have travelled too, casual misandry is not epidemic in other parts of the world.

Western women are hateful of men and very unpleasant to be around. It is unrealistic to expect women to see what they are. It’s just a part of their personalities and the culture they consume. Travelling to other parts of the world opens your eyes to how vile western women are. It’s a sad truth. Typically eastern women are respectful of men and masculinity and in return men feel they can be respectful back to them. In the west women expect respect and entitlements but give nothing back to men. They are selfish and horrible. You either can’t see it or you can’t accept it’s true.

You do see a big difference when you do travel and meet these women from other parts of the world. Its like night and day.

Also you do get some heat and labeled for going outside your country as you have proven. They’re are plenty of girls available. Why do you think they complain so much? Its not too many of the “right” kind of girls. Which means something is “wrong” in general with WESTERN WOMEN. I’ll let you tell me. Its starts with an “F”. LOL

I am attractive and I get enough attention from guys to know it

nah ………

your legs tells us that, you are really …….

could not stop my laugh.

Most women arent involved with feminism, but they do reap in the benefits in silent compilance. Try and find a woman who does not think she should get half his stuff beause she was married to him even if she filed for divorce.

Anyone can find a girl. If they can’t its because they don’t want to.

There are no other excuses.

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