Q&A: Are white men “really” open to dating black women?

Question by Crazy Angel: Are white men “really” open to dating black women?
I’ve seen quite a few questions on here suggesting that black women who are experiencing a shortage of good black men should date “outside of their race.” But, to me it seems like both black women and white men seem to have a somewhat mutual dislike of eachother. I think a lot of black women view white men as “evil”, while a lot of white men seem to view black women as crazy, controlling freaks. So, if ever there was a black women who wanted to date outside of her race…is it really that easy? (In real life) Are men really going to be accepting of strong black women?
I say white guys…because next to black men, they’re the most common race that black women would date.

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Answer by Katie Suspended Account IV
No! Stick to your own kind!

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Any race is open.

It just depends on the person, not the race.

@Katie- GTFU.

the secret is white men have a fetish for black women. why do you think so many of them RAPED black women during the slavery days?

Why don’t you go for hispanic, asian, why white?

they are not, they leave black women as a last choice

Don’t think so. never seen a black woman with a white man

I notice how a lot of White/European guys looove asian girls. All they want are asian girls.
i saw about 7 white guys, probably all friends tagging after this asian girl. Something must be up, they probably all ask for her number and she would probably end up picking one. That girl is going to break so many white boy’s heart. They are going to be fighting and hating each other just for an asian girl.

There are over 100 million white guys in the U.S and only 7 million asian women. Imagine the fights.

Strange question. I am a white british male happily married to a love.ly African American lady.
You are generalizing about both white men and black women which seems very immature. Generalizing about an entire race is almost as bad in my mind as actual racism

it is totally up 2 them

I see it near enough every day where I live so its not as unlikely as you’d think

well I like to date my own race..nothing personal its just my preference

well i actually am pretty evil, Feels soo goodd being bad ..idk why

Maybe you can’t get a white man but don’t threw that S on all of us.

One gain, race is the big deal on this planet, honey anyone could date a black women, don’t put your race down like that, Don’t listen to Katie.

stop putting the blame on white women

its white men
who date and marry outside of their race more

arent like 98% of white women, world wide dating and marrying white men?
the # and % are much higher outside the USA or the UK
yet white men- cheat like 99% of the time more likely than women.
more likely to marry east asian women
you know japanese women?
a lot of older white men marry black women
a lot of young white guys are going for biracial girls or latinas
and black women


Married couples in the United States in 2006[12]
White WifeBlack WifeAsian WifeOther Wife
White Husband50,224,000117,000530,000483,0…
Black Husband286,0003,965,00034,00045,000
Asian Husband174,0006,0002,493,00013,000
Other Husband535,00023,00041,000558,000

Based on these figures:
White Americans were statistically the least likely to wed interracially, though in absolute terms they were involved in interracial marriages more than any other racial group due to their demographic majority. 1.9% of married White women and 2.2% of married White men had a non-White spouse. 1.0% of all married White men were married to an Asian American woman, and 1.0% of married White women were married to a man classified as “other”.
3.7% of married Black American women and 8.4% of married Black American men had a non-Black spouse. 6.6% of married Black men and 2.8% of married Black women had a White spouse. 0.1% of married Black women were married to Asian American men, representing the least prevalent marital combination.
There is a notable disparity in the rates of exogamy by Asian American males and females. Of all Asian American/White marriages, only 25% involved an Asian American male and a White female, and of all Asian American/Black marriages only 15% involved an Asian American male and a Black female. 19.5% of married Asian American women and 7.2% of married Asian American men had a non-Asian American spouse.
88% of foreign-born White Hispanic males were married to White Hispanic females. In terms of out-marriage, Hispanic males who identified as White had non-Hispanic wives more often than other Hispanic men. U.S-born White women of non-Hispanic heritage were more likely to marry Hispanics who identified as some other race (19%) than White Hispanic women (2%).


Men like good looking women. Period.

My fiancée is black, race doesn’t matter to me its about connection and physical attraction.

I think the problem is seeing men in terms of their race rather than the content of their character. Do you mean to tell me that if you see a description of a guy- common interests, common likes, same age, likes this and likes that. But the profile page is a silhohette. Then you meet him. He’s white. Deal breaker. Don’t go out with white guys? That’s just retarded.
Do you realize that thousands of black guys date white women? Do you think that any of them put on the race brakes if a hot white chick is interested in them? Hell no.
You may not realize it, but you may be a slave stuck in the Black Yard. You may be enslaved by your black father or your black brothers that don’t want you to think outside the Black box.
Here is what you should do. Create a dating profile page with no photo. Put in all your likes and dislikes. Then check all the guys that have similar profile pages and ignore the photos. You need to find a man who has many things in common with you. People are not puppies and there is no need to breed a petigree.
I am not saying to have an interracial affair with a white guy. I am saying that you should not limit your choices to black men only.

I know some white men that date black women. They have a lot in common and get along well. Men differ so whether they will accept strong black women depends on the person. Some white men don’t even accept strong white women.

I don’t think so. I dont even know why some women even go for them. I’d rather date anyone non white. That really is just me though. >_>

Why do you want a white guy?
They’re just as bad as black guys..they cheat too, but just don’t get caught as easily. Most of them go to strip clubs, pick up hookers and drink.

Well the ones I have been with were open to dating black women. and no they weren’t the “wigger” type either. lol. My current bf is white, and he has no problem dating black women.

Depends. Some white men don’t see color. Most white men I know are
fucking terrified of blacks.
Me-I only prefer black men.

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