Q&A: Bible Quotes that indicate Jesus also had a humour side to him?

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Question by COYSpurs: Bible Quotes that indicate Jesus also had a humour side to him?
i know there is evidence in the bible, that jesus was not all serious and he was a person, just like us, who also liked to joke around and i know there is evidence in some quotes that showed this.
but i cant remember which ones, could you please tell me which ones they were.

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Answer by Joes Mama
i remember that the buybull could imply anything anyone wanted it too depending on which passages they chose to dwell on

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Good luck with that one…

The problem with the New Testament is that it was all written in Greek, a language Jesus didn’t even speak. And we read it in English, so it’s a translation of a translation. When you translate something, you lose all the jokes. I really think Jesus did have a sense of humor. He was called ‘rabbi’, which just means teacher or scholar, and I never met a rabbi that didn’t have a good sense of humor. I was brought up Jewish, and there is a definitely recognizable Jewish sense of humor, and I see it in Jesus. But you have to kind of look between the lines. Look at Jesus correcting his disciples, he’s always very gentle and you can see him smiling. Those are the times a teacher will make a joke to fix some idea in a student’s memory.

The one incident that comes to mind is (I don’t remember the book and verse) the time when Jesus is having dinner with the family of Lazarus. Lazarus has just been brought back from being dead for three days, so you can imagine it was kind of a strange scene. So then Lazarus’s sister brings out some expensive ointment and begins massaging Jesus’ feet. Judas says she shouldn’t have done that, she should have sold the ointment and given the money to the poor, rather than for Jesus to get a nice footrub. So what does Jesus say? He says “Hey, Judas, STFU. There will still be plenty of poor people to be nice to after I’m gone.”

Well in the Bible it comes out as ‘The poor you will always have with you. But you will not always have me with you.’ Something like that. I’m paraphrasing. But basically it’s the joke after translation.

John 13:6-9 When Jesus tries to wash Peter’s feet I think Jesus probably laughed at what Peter said.

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