Q&A: Can a man take his suit jacket off?

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Question by Wrendora: Can a man take his suit jacket off?
We went to a wedding yesterday with my in-laws. The cocktail hour was alittle warm. My hubby took his suit jacket off. My father in-law pulled him aside and told him to put his suit jacket back on, that gentlemen DON’T take them off.. My husband felt embaressed because he is 29 and his father was treating him like he was 12.

So beside the rudeness of my father-in-law. Is it rude for a man to remove his suit jacket if he is unconfortible in a formal setting? Must it remained buttoned at all time? What if he’s partner was cold and he was to give it to her?

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Answer by Vera Gabriele
I would take it off when I feel hot if I was a man. Etiquette can go too far. A wedding is there to be fun and it’s there to bring happiness to the newly wedded couple but the guests are not meant to suffer. Your father-in-law is old fashioned. your Husband can take his jacket off when he wants to. Even singers who wear a tux take the jacket off if it gets too darn hot and they are on stage and they get paid for their performance.

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Yes, it should be left on, but it doesn’t have to be buttoned all the time, especially when seated. Suits do vary in weight according to the season, so maybe your husband needs a lighter one. In cold weather, ladies should have their own wraps to put around their shoulders.

Well, dads will be dads. He was just trying to instruct his son. A formal setting calls for formal attire, and that means the coat stays on. When up and about, the top button should be buttoned, and then open when seated so as not to strain the button or buttonhole. A man in his shirt sleeves spells casual, and in my experience, during formal events, men keep their coats on even during dinner.

Suit etiquette –
Basics of wearing a suit. If you are seated, your suit coat should always be open. It is not acceptable to take off your suit coat until you are to be seated for an extended period of time, like for a meal, or in your office, etc. If you wish to take your suit coat off in company, it is polite to ask permission (eg – Do you mind if I take my coat off?). You should always hang your suit coat, even if only over the back of your chair.

If his partner is cold and a man wishes to share his coat, I would think that might be acceptable. It would be better if a woman thought ahead and brought a wrap.

yep,unless his partner was cold than he can do that but to put it down on a chair is a defo no..

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